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Easiest Yacht Booking in Dubai Via Live Chat

Yacht Rental Dubai / Get a Yacht booked in 5 minutes through Live Chat

Mala Yacht is famous for providing a hassle-free and instant customer service. We believe that whoever contacting us for the sake of information or booking, there is a responsibility for us to placate them with the timely and accurate response.

For the sake of prompt and receptive customer service, Mala Yacht has introduced the Live Chat option. On Live Chat, we will have our chat agents present 24/7 to guide the clients. These agents are not only educated about the company info, but aware of the current market situations as well. They are that much informed that it takes only five minutes to make the booking.

The procedure of approaching the chat agent via our Live Chat is quite feasible and is explained below:

Step 1: Provide complete information

When you want to book yacht for a round trip or for any event, you are required to reach out to the chat agent and provide them with the details of date, timings, and several invitees on a yacht. This way, he or she can check and inform you of the available date.

Step 2: Details of vacant yachts

After you will give out all the details, our agent will show you the pictures and details of the available yachts on your desired dates. Since, yachts are always sailing in the ocean, completing tours, or rented out for parties, the agent will show you the yachts which are present on your desired date. You can choose the yacht which deemed the best for you.

Step 3: Finalizing Yacht and other stuff

When you are done with deciding about the best looking and suitable yacht, you can now decide about the other services that you need. Moreover, you can finalize the menu that our agent will give you. There are various meals, activities, and beverages from which you can pick the right ones.

Step 4: Payment

Once you will finalize the yacht, food, and other services, the agent will immediately draft the electronic invoice and email you the bank account details to make bank transfer or a Link to pay it through credit card. The total process will occur automatically through the software; thus, you could observe the transparency of the system.

Step 5: Concluding step

At this last step, you must make a bank transfer now or perform the payment process on the sent online link. Once you made the transaction, the chat agent at Mala Yacht customer service center will confirm your booking and email you the route map of the yacht.

As you can assess that the Live Chat procedure was trouble free and straightforward. It only took five minutes to book the yacht and this is what, Mala Yacht’s objective is to give convenient service to its clients.


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