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Why you should Consider Malayachts for your Yacht Event

Why you should Consider MalaYachts for your Yacht Event

Everyone expects their yacht event to be one of a kind while looking through all the finest of yacht rental Dubai. And sometimes it’s not clear in your mind about how you actually want your yacht event to be organized so you simply go with any decent theme being offered. But does that feel worthy? DoesRead More…


4 Tips to Throw a Perfect Yacht Party in Dubai

Who doesn’t like to go to parties? Aren’t we all remain ready to have a little fun time with our friends or family even when we are tired after a long working day at the office or a tiring class at college? Even in the corporate world, parties have their own charms and importance. However,Read More…

Attributes of a Luxury Yacht

Attributes of a Luxury Yacht

Yachts are often synonymous with what we imagine for the Rich and Famous. These luxurious boats float along with all of the amenities of and incredible home. They’re designed to be the absolute Pinnacle of style and comfort. Yachts can come in all shapes and sizes, and many are custom-made for their owners. The termRead More…


Here’s How You Can Book Your Wedding On A Yacht

A wedding is the most important day in a couple’s live. There is a lot of action to be taken leading up to the wedding, and in many cases, it takes a very long time to finalize the day on which two lovers tie the knot. For those who have not decided on a placeRead More…

Surprise Your Mother with a Special Yacht Charter Dubai

Surprise Your Mother with a Special Yacht Charter Dubai

Mother Teresa said that ‘it is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. This statement is liberating and beautiful but it sets a high standard on Mother’s Day. It might be convenient to buy a dress from the market or going all day with good behavior and extra hugs couldRead More…

A lavish Yacht Wedding at Economical Cost

A lavish Yacht Wedding at Economical Cost

A lavish Yacht Wedding at Economical Cost exactly like a Dubai Couple Wedding without spending AED 30 Million People go big with the big day. It is goal for some couples to make their wedding the most unique and exclusive just like a Dubai couple Adel and Sana Khan who celebrated lavishly on a yacht inRead More…


Plan a Nautical Birthday Party for your Child in an Economical Way

Fresh air, sunshine, and waves gently lapping and release a bunch of balloons in the sky, does not it sound like an amazing birthday celebration for your child? A Nautical birthday party on a luxurious yacht could be the most surprising moment for your beloved kid.  But fear, not daddies, there are plenty of ways toRead More…

Weekly Yacht News Round

Weekly Yacht News Round

VSY Yacht Interior uncovered The French Studio has revealed the interior based om Darnet Design for the fourth VSY-the 63.8 metre in-build superyacht. The yacht is currently under construction in Italy and scheduled to be finally launched in 2018. The yacht features include six suites including a master suite on a raised deck fixed withRead More…

love in water

Love is on the Water

Toast your relationship with your loved one across the tranquil waters with the gentle sea breeze and refreshing ocean waves. Celebrate your love aboard a beautiful yacht with a romantic yacht rental in Dubai. There is something really pretty about the salty breeze and ever-changing backdrops and crystalline waves of blue sea those are perfect forRead More…

How to Dress for a Yacht Party

Nothing could define the word glamour than a yacht party in Dubai. I attended a yacht party last summer. It was so much fun to party on yacht cruise Dubai but many people could not enjoy the time because of poor dressing attire. It is not necessary to jump straight to celebrity yachting fashion forRead More…

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