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Things to do in Dubai during Ramadan Mala Yachts / Things to do in Dubai during Ramadan

Here I’ve assembled all the information one needs to know if they are planning to visit Dubai in the Holy month of Ramadan to celebrate and enjoy this special and spiritual time. Also including a brief explanation of the holiday, customs, etiquette, and some attraction information.

The city will come to life after sunset during Ramadan, with iftar feasts, entertainment and Arabic traditions. Many businesses, stores, restaurants, and attractions are close or open during abbreviated hours to pray, so one needs to do a little extra planning in advance. Here’s everything you need to know about Ramadan in Dubai.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and according to Islamic belief, it is observed by Muslims by fasting and offering prayers. A typical fasting day for an observant Muslim starts at dawn, with the morning Call to Prayer and ‘Suhoor,’ the early meal. On weekdays Suhoor is typically consumed at home with family, but on weekends, there are often tents set up on streets and restaurants offer Suhoor before dawn and the Fajr prayer.

For the rest of the day, Muslims fast and refrain themselves from eating, drinking, smoking, or having bad thoughts, actions, and words between the hours of sunrise and sunset. This practice of fasting reminds the hunger of less fortunate and also purifies our soul since we avoid to indulge in any activity of sin.

This holy month of Ramadan requests non-Muslims to pay respect to those fasting and refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking in public. Women and men are supposed to cover their shoulders and their legs at least down to the knees in public and if failing to be respectful of Ramadan etiquette, even as a non-observant visitor, can result in legal consequences such as a fine. Although one needs to be very careful during Ramadan but doesn’t have to worry about going hungry since many restaurants stay open during the day time to serve visitors and non-observers. They pull down the blinds in courtesy so that people dining will be hidden from view. It’s not that difficult to find a place to eat.

When the sun sets, Muslims break the fast with the ritual called iftar by following the same practice as prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to do i.e.; with a sip of water followed by dates and feast.

Tourist attractions in Dubai during Ramadan

It’s good to double-check each attraction’s website or call before you go to make sure they’re open. These are the following spots one should visit if they are planning a vacation in Dubai. These exotic places will surely give you some nostalgic memories and unforgettable moments.

  • Start your journey with the LED light show at one of the world’s tallest buildings Burj al Khalifa that will surely amaze you and is a must-visit place every evening after sunset.


  • Enjoy a wonderfully romantic evening on a dhow cruise Dubai marina with a sumptuous early dinner and breath-taking sunset views. After a tiring day in Ramadan refresh your soul by spending some time with your loved ones on a cruise and rejuvenate your inner self. For some alone time with your better half, family or friends you can choose yacht rental Dubai where you will get special services from the crew members and exotic cuisine to satisfy your hunger.


  • Desert Safari and BBQ Dinner: An excursion that takes you out to a Desert Camp for a night of fun, dining, and traditional Arabian entertainment. You experience the glory of spending a night with your loved ones under the shining moonlight.


  • Experience a Delicious Dubai Iftar. Iftars are a great way to socialize with family and friends and Ramadan gives this opportunity to all of us. Whether you’re fasting or not, you should definitely experience at least one Dubai iftar during the Holy Month of Ramadan. From traditional Ramadan tents to entertaining iftar buffets the joy of iftar in Dubai is something one cannot put into words.


  • Ramadan is also a time for new Eastern fashion collections and the best part is there are always Ramadan deals and offers available which gives you an opportunity to shop more. Therefore head to the shopping malls after you are done with iftar and avail the exciting discounts the shopping malls offer.


  • Remember to save on Dubai attractions. If you’re planning for a vacation in Dubai, be sure to check out the Go Dubai pass and save up to 55% off when compared to paying at the gate. From popular theme parks to guided tours and desert excursions, the Go Dubai pass has it all.


  • Enjoy the stunning recreational rides after the month of Ramadan and enjoy the roller coaster of happiness.
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