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Why yacht charter is better option than hotel? Mala Yachts / Why yacht charter is better option than hotel?

Luxury is what associated with both yacht charter and hotel but why yacht chartering is the better option. Here you will come to know why yacht charter should be preferred over hotel. Have a look.


Luxury and comfort are what define luxury yacht charter. A yacht charter is a sailing venue taking you to the breathtaking locations. The well mannered and trained crew stay around your all the time to provide you maximum comfort. Your all choices and demands are fulfilled on-board. Many yacht charters have higher crew ratio for individual catering of guests. Choosing a yacht charter provides you unique opportunity to enjoy accommodation that does not only suit your needs but also allow you to indulge adventurous activities. Whether you want to relax on deck, experience snorkeling, rejuvenate yourself or even want to use a helicopter at your disposal, nothing is better than luxury yacht charter where everything is incorporated with finest details at one location.

Couple in yacht

Sights and views  Imagine waking up to new locations with picturesque views while you are served with delicious breakfast on bed. Unlike a hotel, a luxurious yacht charter allows you to create your own dream vacation the way you want without restraint locations. You can feast your eyes with constantly changing panoramic views.


You are free to steer your own course with a variety of options available onboard. You set the pace. Your schedule can change if you like a particular location or find something appealing along the way. Your every need or demand can be customized upon your choice. Even for culinary delight, menu can be customized to your taste. Personal chefs prepare delicious food items to boost your taste buds whereas, menu is fixed in hotel. There is less or no flexibility in hotels to cater your all needs.


Privacy is another element that dominates yacht charter over hotel. The privacy element of the yacht is truly incomparable from scrumptious dishes served to your personal taste to sunbathing on deck surrounded by endless beautiful sea. You don’t need to fight for going to another place to the crowds or pool. Your privacy is given first priority by crew and captain to make you feel safe.

Cost effective

A yacht charter is best option to spend some time with family and friends. Luxury yachts have enough space for accommodation of even large families with ample space. Bombarded with modern amenities and gadgets and wide array of enjoyment options, yacht charter is all in one meeting needs of every individual. From water sports activities to special parties and personal family time, yacht chartering is surprisingly cost effective as compared to hotel.

The amalgam of flexibility, high end services and luxury make yacht charter a better option than hotel. A yacht rental Dubai with such facilities is unbeatable. Charter a yacht to have maximum fun with your nearest ones with ever-changing mesmerizing sceneries in the middle of exotic sea.

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