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Perfect Summer Day out at Blue Sea Mala Yachts / Perfect Summer Day out at Blue Sea

Yacht Rental Dubai is the best way to beat scorching heat by spending time on cool sea water. It is time to live out your dreams on an exciting and breathtaking yacht charter that you will never forget.

Absorb the Marine Elegance – Cruising along sparkling blue waters of Dubai Sea in refreshing breeze is the ultimate escape to spend summer holidays with your friends and family. Cruising accompanied with cool breeze and the sunshine while relaxing on the deck, watching Vistas of Dubai and sharing most precious moments with your family and friends makes the perfect summer day out at the sea. On an exclusive yacht charter, you can witness the awe-inspiring views of landmarks of Dubai. From Dubai Marina Yacht Club, you can be mesmerized by the fascinating buildings come your way including Atlantis The Palm and majestic Burj Al Arab. The deep blue sea and pristine modern yacht gleam at each other making you fall in love with the futuristic city of Dubai.

party on yacht

Adventurous activities – Besides cruising, you can also enjoy adventurous and fun filled water sports activities including fishing, swimming and snorkeling in cool sea water. Lagoon area is great for swimming. Listen to the rhythm of tides while gliding along the manmade wonders. Soaking up the sun and absorbing the elegance of the sea are the great charm of cruising trip in Dubai.

Fishing – You can also have great time catching up abundant of fish with your family. Feasting on the fish you preyed would be the delightful meal for your entire family. You can either grill or fry the fish on-board to give your taste buds the delicious seafood taste.
Party and Fun – If you want to make your time more entertaining, you can dance, party and socialize on-board with friends and family. Your cruising can be transformed into gala time with the fun and enjoyment you want onboard. From music to food, everything can be customized to tailor your needs. Breathe in cool sea breeze and feel the pulse of Dubai by admiring the panoramic views coming your way.

The natural aura around the marina will surely make you forget all your worries and you will feel rejuvenated and fresh. You can have perfect summer day out with luxuries, natural beauty, jewels of Dubai and the company of most beloved people in the middle of the sea.

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