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Product Launch Event on Yacht

Corporate Dinners and Product Launch on the Yacht

Rated 5 out of 5

Corporates experiment with their strategies in order to get better results out of the business. They are constantly in search of various ways to encourage their employees. That’s where chartered yachts with corporate dinners come in Dubai.

Large corporates believe- one of the best ways to get the top performances from their employees is by offering them an incentive. A day of the cruise or an evening party on a yacht will raise their morale, and improve performance. Corporate events are
often held on luxury yachts with this motive in mind. It’s an amazing idea to thank the employees for all their hard work by motivating them to continue with the work.

Why Product Launch on the Yacht?

A yacht trip is a great place for business presentations and team-building activities. Modern yachts come with all the amenities for holding a meeting as well as a sales presentation. Many times, corporate companies also bring their clients on a yacht
cruise while talking business. Impressing clients is their top priority and there is nothing better way than rent a luxury yacht to take them along Dubai’s coastline.

Dazzle your clients by organizing product launch and corporate events on luxury yacht cruise in the middle of the sea. Sip beverages, soak-up the fresh air and open sea or enjoy the spectacular views. Find unique yacht cruise experiences with Mala Yachts
and book in a just few clicks.

Services Include

  • AV system, sound and themed lighting
  • Full events management services
  • Branding
  • Fully Customized Corporate Setting
  • On site management
  • Host / Hostess
  • Invitation channel
  • Events logistics
  • Water Sports
  • Mobile voucher accepted
  • Free cancellation
  • Safety measures applied
  • English
  • Flexible
  • Confirmation

Corporate Dinners and Product Launch on the Yacht

Rated 5 out of 5

Mobile voucher accepted

What We Offer

Hear 9 inspiring talks, meet the best product people in Europe, and party together after the event!



Coffee Breaks

Make your Product Launch unforgettable

Invite everyone to a product launch to make it really enjoyable. Everyone loves sailing and your products makes a far lasting impact. All your business partners will relish the delicious meal with a Luxury yacht trip- an ideal way to show appreciation
towards partnerships.

Experience with Mala Yachts

Experience the luxury of organizing corporate events such as seminars, product launches, Employees days out, conferences, Award Ceremonies, launch screenings, Special Eve celebrations, and much more. Male Yachts offer a luxurious venue to suit every group
size and meeting objective even on the high sea.

Important Considerations before hosting a corporate dinner on yacht

Number of people on board

Some of the yachts have a guest capacity of 50 or less. You must consider the number of people invited. It’ll prevent any possible disasters.

Decide on Budgets

You must look into is the budget. Luxury yachts are a a bit on the costly side, as they are equipped with a professional crew as well as necessary facilities to meet all your needs. You can also have opt for additional services such as catering, photography,
and decoration. Make your understanding clear regarding the budget.

Know the extras

If your corporate yacht trip is for a client who want to have a yacht sailing experience, you can ask for extra activities like fishing or any water sports. It’ll be discussed at the time of booking.

Set the Cuisine

For your corporate event on deck, ask for facilitating a fine catering service along with more than one cuisine menu. The catering provides delicious food with all fresh beverages reflecting your company’s capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Incentive and Reward

• Business Dinner

• Product Launches

• Business or Strategic Planning Exercises

• Team Building

• Distributor Meetings

• Award Dinners

All our vessels are and selected to provide our customers with the luxury and space they desire. Moreover, every yacht is registered Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) holding all required public and private liability insurances.

Yachts are typically chartered for a minimum of 2 hours. However, you can extent the time to witness all the sights and to make it more enjoyable. Along with this, quicker charters are also available. Please contact one of our charter executives for better understanding of terms and conditions.

Each yacht has cabins, heads, Saloons, fly bridges

If a weather warning has been issued, our coast Guard inform in this instance. You will be notified immediately with having following options presented to you:

  • • Continue with your charter along with an alternative as well as safer route plan (if permitted).
  • • Reschedule the charter.
  • • Cancel the booking free of any cancellation charges (if you are unable to reschedule).

All the guests must bring with them Valid I.D. Passport coming from outside of UAE as well as Emirates I.D for Residents. Failure to comply can result in you or guests being refused entry to the yacht.

No, you cannot bring your own food. However, you can bring your own drinks. We have wide range of menu we offering variety of food options.

Yes, our team will contact you the evening before the charter clarifying the time along with criteria of your charter.

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