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Team Building Activities on Yacht

Corporate Team Building Events on Yacht

Rated 5 out of 5

Team building events are always been the best tool for engagement and bonding in a working environment. When you strive for winning or losing, with your fellow colleagues it ignites a sense of trust. Sometimes, team building also particular goals, for
addressing the issues, through specific activities.

However, for employees’ point of view, a Team Building Activity on Yacht is refreshing. They feel great that their organization is going well to treat them well. Along with this, it also be a good promotion event for the organization. Yacht Team Building
Event has become the talk of the town to promote work culture.

Corporate team building activities on yacht really test the survival skills of participants. It makes them realize their strengths and weaknesses in a better way. Although its challenging, the activities on a yacht are participated by all and at any age.
It really acts as a bonding; as on a yacht, you are not bothered by another crowd. Enjoy your sailing in the middle of the sea with just your team.

Why sailing for team building?

Corporate team building activities on yacht inspire bonding and teamwork. Both of which are important to enable your business in order to operate efficiently. Sailing also provides a unique platform to help the team. It is fascinating to know that we
have implemented enhancements to our stringent Safety procedures offering an enjoyable party. Treat your guests to the most mesmerizing views of Dubai from the water.

Book a yacht for enjoyable cruising and celebrate life in ultimate style. Host an event on board our yachts. In few hours, we transform the deck from a blank canvas into an exciting party event stage. Get a stage for any product launch. We have creative
concepts in order to show you how your party is going to be exciting. Connect with us and get an overall Yacht party organization.

A Team Building Yacht Rental Trip have

  • Lavish Meals and/or snacks
  • Trophies and awards for the participants
  • All kind of your favorite beverages
  • Accommodations with Jacuzzis and luxurious suite rooms
  • Corporate banners in order to display on the yacht
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Entertainment with best in screen halls
  • Independent facilitators
  • Mobile voucher accepted
  • Free cancellation
  • Safety measures applied
  • English
  • Flexible
  • Confirmation

Corporate Team Building Events on Yacht

Rated 5 out of 5

Mobile voucher accepted

What We Offer

Hear 9 inspiring talks, meet the best product people in Europe, and party together after the event!



Coffee Breaks

Corporate Team Building Events on Yacht

  • People learn to strive for the best
  • Event on yacht promotes better interaction
  • The watersport activities on a yacht needs strategic planning
  • It comprises better problem solving
  • A sailing yacht teaches you adapt yourself in a yachting changing environment
  • Surf and swimming relay races with basic to build fitness and sportsmanship
  • A yacht creates an uncluttered attention as no one’s leaving

Some of the best team building activities that fit in are:

  • Make something with only the resources you have. It’s going to promote creative problem solving and makes you more efficient.
  • Take some of the trickiest problems and note them all down. Ask every group to solve the problem in the given time. It will promote teamwork, creativity, as well as communication.
  • Make some psychological games in order to find out what inspires people
  • Make everyone share some of the hobbies. It makes everyone understand others in a better way.
  • Hide and seek with puzzles and props are always great.

Special Event on Yacht

The venue determines the party’s life and have got the best one offer to you. The vast waters of Dubai with magical experiences allows you make anything more enjoyable. Dubai Yacht booking extends the exclusive service of renting to revamp and redefine
celebrations. You will find the top-notch quality yacht in Dubai with reasonable rates to add magic and luxury. You can also get a boat on your request with specifications and demands. Contact us today and get a price and other

  • Robo Chef on the yacht
  • Price per hour
  • Full VIP Service with Crew support
  • Professional licensed captain
  • Unlimited Ice-Cold Drinks (nonalcoholic)
  • Photographer and videographer
  • Entertainment with best in screen halls
  • Entertainment with best in screen halls

Mala Yachts Team Building

Mala Yachts is one of the leading Corporate Team Building Service Providers in Dubai. We are among the topmost Yacht Rental Dubai due to several reasons such as quality crew, very professional yet exotic luxury yachts, 100% safety, as well as much more.
At the same time, we also turn a luxury yacht into a fun, bonding sort- of a setup setting us apart from the rest.

What kind of corporate events are celebrated on the yacht?

  • Incentive and Reward
  • Business Dinner
  • Product Launches
  • Business or Strategic Planning Exercises
  • Team Building
  • Distributor Meetings
  • Award Dinners

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mala Yachts offer great deals in order to make up your every event need complete and easy. For further information, please visit our page or simply WhatsApp or call our event consultant.

All our vessels are and selected to provide our customers with the luxury and space they desire. Moreover, every yacht is registered Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) holding all required public and private liability insurances.

The advance deposit for reservation can be made by cash deposit into company account. The balance can also be paid in cash at the start of the event to our staff.

Yachts are typically chartered for a minimum of 2 hours. However, you can extent the time to witness all the sights and to make it more enjoyable. Along with this, quicker charters are also available. Please contact one of our charter executives for better understanding of terms and conditions.

If a weather warning has been issued, our coast Guard inform in this instance. You will be notified immediately with having following options presented to you:

  • Continue with your charter along with an alternative as well as safer route plan (if permitted).
  • Continue with your charter along with an alternative as well as safer route plan (if permitted).
  • Cancel the booking free of any cancellation charges (if you are unable to reschedule).

All the guests must bring with them Valid I.D. Passport coming from outside of UAE as well as Emirates I.D for Residents. Failure to comply can result in you or guests being refused entry to the yacht.

Life jackets are only required when a weather warning is issued or you are chartering a high-speed yacht like a speed boat. Even so, it is only needed when the yacht is in motion as well as can be removed whist at anchor.

This is subjective, we advise to minimize the risk of discomfort during your charter. Eat a meal and stay on the top deck facing the direction the yacht is moving in. The Captain will assign seasickness tables prior to the charter for those affected by motion sickness.

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