Who Is Mala Yacht?

Welcome to Mala Yachts! We are making our mark in the leisure tourism industry of the Gulf with the sense of excellence in mind to cater to our clientele with outclass services by considering them our first priority. Our customized expert services and the hospitality of our staff make a strong bonding with our privileged clients. We make sure you are provided with the best services to enliven your chartering experience. With a fleet designed for excellent performance, we ensure that all the dream destinations of Dubai come your way to make your vacation like a dream come true. So, be our guest! We would love to be a part of your extraordinary vacation! ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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CEO Message

Sustainability in the UAE, our Company is proud to reaffirm our commitment to sustainable practices and responsible tourism.Under the theme of 'Today for Tomorrow' , We are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of our country for future generations to enjoy. This year, we will be introducing new initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable tourism. From eco-friendly yacht rentals to plantation events, we are taking action to protect our land and resources. Today we look back to our decade-old journey and are proud of all the progress we have made, the principles were upheld and commitments were lived up to. In the future, we are determined to keep moving forward into new horizons of additive manufacturing by being the pioneer of state-of-the-art 3D printing facility in UAE:

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