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Terms and Conditions

Mala Yachts / Terms and Conditions

In order for smooth running of the event, kindly comply with the following:

  • The head count is as per lives on board which includes children and infants as one person and maximum yacht capacity cannot be exceeded at any point.
  • As per company policy “ALL PENDING PAYMENTS WILL HAVE TO BE SETTLED BEFORE COMMENCEMENT OF SAIL” Credits of no forms will be entertained in the same. Kindly carry cash on the date of cruise as we do not have a swipe machine on the yachts. Any transfer or cheque payments made, needs to reflect in our bank account before commencement of sail.
  • All guests are responsible for their personal belongings and valuables.
  • All children or infants are to be closely supervised by their parents/guardians and are sole responsibility of their parents/guardian.
  • As per CoastguardRegulations all guests have to wear life vests as instructed by the captain. Children and infants should keep their life vests drawn all throughout the cruise.
  • Swimming is permitted only during the daytime until sunset and in areas designated for the same and subject to weather conditions. The final decision making lies with the captain, whose instructions are final. The guests are reminded to bring their towels and swimwear for the same as we do not reuse towels due to high standards of hygiene.
  • We remind you to ask all your invitees to carry either original valid emirates ID or passport, original on the date of the event as per Coastguard Regulations. Captain has the authority to refuse any guests the right to enter the yacht without the above.
  • Guests under the influence of alcohol or otherwise of violate Coastguard Regulations or UAE government policies are liable to legal proceedings directly with the authority and solely responsible for the fines in accordance.
  • Pets of any kind are prohibited on boards and thus guests are notified to come on board without any pets.
  • Any damage caused on company/yacht property shall be borne by the person responsible/the representative responsible for the booking.
  • Smoking of “Sheesha/Hookah/hubble-bubble” is prohibited in all areas of the yacht. Cigarette smoking is allowed only in designated areas of the yacht.
  • Music and alcohol will not be allowed during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Any use of professional photography for the purpose of public screening requires pre authorization from authorities.
  • We have a NO SHOES POLICY in all our yachts indoors so as to maintain the cleanliness and standards of hygiene.
  • The guests are not allowed in the restricted area of the yacht which is placarded with the same.
  • The guest should be notified not to throw litter in the sea and to use appropriate disposal bins for the same.
  • The Captain’s decision is final once the yacht commences sail. Any non adherence to the captain’s reminder/warning or non adherence to Dubai Coastguard Regulations may result in strict actions. Any fines that arise due to acts committed by the guests shall be the responsibility of the organization /the above representative who has made the booking and the same shall be borne him/her.
  • Loud music in prohibited in the Marina/dock area due to it being a residential area. Any non adherence of the same along with any fines raised by the local authority will be the liability of the representative and will be solely compensated by him/her.

Charter Policy

Payment Terms: 50% of the charter cost to confirm booking. 100% of the Total charter cost, if booking is made 3days prior the charter date. 100% of food cost at the time of placement of order. Food once ordered cannot be cancelled.

Cancellation: 50% of total charter value if cancelled.100% of charter value if cancelled 72 hours prior to departure. The trip shall be rescheduled due to weather or no sail permit is issued from the authorities, to any other date as requested by the guests with subject to yacht availability.

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