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Dubai Yacht Hostess

When on a luxury yacht, everyone wants to be pampered in the best possible way and that is only possible when the host has hired a trained and qualified hostess. The staff plays an important role in keeping the yacht alive with the provision and up to date. This is the reason that Mala Yachts Rental Dubai always appoint the hostess, who are expert in their tasks and well presented as well.

The hostess is very much important to be presentable because an adequate personality is what attracts everyone’s eye, thus we pay special attention when selecting the hostess for the yacht. These hostesses are trained from well-reputed institutions, according to international hospitality standards that are the most competitive skills in the market.

Undoubtedly, it is not an easy task to individually treat each client, but our dedicated hostess ensures not leaving anyone unattended. They make your cabins when you are enjoying yourself out on the deck, preparing your snacks after the hours and they are your dearest friend when you need something on board.

Yach Crew and Staff

The hostesses are polite and subtle towards their attitude to the guests as per the Mala Yachts’ regulation because they are educated in this way to present you with manners.
On the other hand, we offer some mind-blowing incentives for our hostesses because they are the ones who cosset our guests, sometimes for months in the sea. For our luxury yachts, we have hostesses who are internationally certified and are specially trained to deal in silver or platinum services.

Our hostesses bear the great responsibility of performing their duties and being punctual as they value time during working hours. So far, on every voyage, we have left satisfied clients who have regard to our hostesses in a very respectful way. Therefore, we pay more courtesy towards improvising our hostess service.


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