Frequently Asked Questions

We have been in Yacht rental business for nine years, and our experience is what makes us foremost and preeminent.

You can either book a yacht by contacting the company online through the company’s website, or you can book by having an online chat with our company’s executive.

Yes, we have our own captains and crew. All the captains and members of our crew are qualified, experienced, and proficient.

Inside the cabin, smoking is strictly prohibited, but it is allowed on outdoor designated areas on the deck especially for smokers.

You can find the right charter yacht in Dubai by searching for various options on the internet and comparing them by checking their reviews. In the end, choose the one that suits your requirements with the best reviews.

You can make a booking by calling and consulting our customer care representative through our website or by filling the form that is available on our website. The payments are done via bank transfer.

You can take antihistamines, or you can distract yourself by listening to music or having a conversation with someone.

In Dubai yacht is saved for Pregnant women.

Onboard privacy is our priority, and we make sure that your privacy doesn’t get interrupted in any case.

To ensure safety and security, pets are not allowed on yachts

There are many options for entertainment on the yacht including music, live shows, Fishing, and water sports.

Various safety precautions that should be maintained are wearing water-proof footwear, optimal weather conditions for cruising, and making sure that you know the location of safety equipment.

Yes, you can make a booking in advance to make sure that you are on the safe side and the yacht doesn’t get booked by anyone else on the same date.

It depends on the type of vessel that you book and the duration of your cruise.

Your eyes will be treated by the sightseeing of Dubai’s skyscrapers, Marina Skyline, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai’s landmarks.

You can have an online chat with one of our representatives, or you can call us directly through the numbers that are provided on our website.

Yes, we do have Jet SkI’S, so that, our clients can enjoy their time on our yachts by experiencing water sports.

Our yachts have swimming pool, cinema, audio-system, and bedrooms to make you feel at home and have the best time on our yachts.

Yes, you are most welcome to bring your own food on yacht. Not only the food but drinks as well. However, we can also arrange the food for you according to your requirements.

Yes, the option of live BBQ is always available. You can opt for it and enjoy it with background music to make the most of those memorable moments.

A map is available so that you can check the location of our yachts on Dubai Marina.

Knee-length dresses are recommended on yachts. However, you can also wear shorts or long pants.

The cost of a yacht for a day varies depending upon the type of yacht, number of people on the yacht, and the services that your going to opt for.

Yes, you can book a yacht for the wedding. You can have customized wedding decor on a yacht as well.


  • We are keenly dedicated to ensure you have the best yachting experience.
  • We offer the best rates for our all customized packages and services.
  • Reservation process with us is as simple as 1,2,3
  • Here at Mala Yachts, 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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