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Yacht Engagement Party Dubai

Having a destination wedding is the dream of every couple who wants to begin their life with absolute splendor. Mala Yachts provide you with the chance to put that ring in the most breathtaking atmosphere that is right in the middle of the mesmerizing ocean. What would you wish more for?

The arrangement for your engagement party is performed by our expert crew on board under the supervision of an experienced event management team that converts everything as per your theme. All the decorations are pre-discussed with the couple as we want to know about their outfits, the colors they require to have, they want flower setting, live musical night and much more.

Having an engagement party on yacht means that you can relish over the natural beauty around you that will continue to charm your special day. The yacht is the kind of venue that most of the people do not normally think about, but with your pick, you can actually become a trendsetter.

We at Mala Yachts cautiously prepare the whole event for you so that it lacks with nothing. We understand that your guests are coming up all the way from city to offer their blessings to you and you cannot ruin their expectations. It is implicit that they are expecting a level up when they hear about an engagement party on the yacht. Therefore, we ensure the setup that is up to the expectations of the couple and their guests.

Mala Yachts propose the best charges for the overall event as compared to the other competitors in the market which are charging excessively, but providing with mediocre service.

To get your slot booked, it is advisable that you finalize your dates at the booking office so that you could have your engagement party done in an over-the-top way.




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