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Water Sports Dubai

While you are taking a scenic tour around the Gulf Sea and wants to explore more, then nothing is a better idea than going into the calm sea with your sports equipment. Certainly, you can jump into the water with a number of water sports items present on-board and have leisure time. Do not worry about this equipment as Mala Yacht has got everything for you in its box.

It occurs most of the time that people want to do various activities in the deep sea, but there are no means for that. We provide them with all the provisions through which they can make most of their time in the natural surroundings. If you want to jump into the blue water for some swimming, then we have our expert captain who will accommodate you with the best possible and secured point where you can dunk in. Apart from swimming, we offer you some fun with the all advanced Jet Ski that you can run from Marina to Burj ul Arab. You can set the speed of Jet Ski as per your requirement as long as it gets you the thrill.

Few people want to go a step further, and then they can try this latest gadget at Mala Yachts called Sea Bob. This fun machine has got the speed that makes you dive in and out of the water like a sea monster. These power-filled machines work with the water dislodgement technology that heaves out the water and rushes forward.

In the presence of such technical water toys, how can we not offer you with the flyboard? To try this crazy water sport, you need to be extra daring as it works by pushing water with a force that makes it fly in the air right from the sea.
Whoever wishes to try these water sports must not waste their time and make a booking before the slots get filled.

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