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7 Free Things to do in Dubai

By Alex Smith -29 January, 2016

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Dubai, is a luxurious city where gold and riches know no bound. From the most expensive purse to the most expensive camel, everything can be found there. Dubai is known for its glamorous nightlife, exquisite beaches, expensive hotels, endless malls for non-stop shopping, and whatnot. But Dubai is not all about glamour and riches; there is so much more to Dubai than what catches the eye. When you go to a place with the intention of exploring it you get to find joy in little things and most of them usually come for free. So let’s have a look at 7 free things to do in Dubai and still have the time of your life. I have picked 7 things that I enjoyed and I am sure so will you.

1- Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

When touring any city I would recommend you to certainly visit the heritage of it. Likewise, Dubai is no exception. Dubai Museum housed in the Al Fahidi Fort, one of the oldest and most exquisite buildings of Dubai, represents the Arabic Culture beautifully. The ticket cost is less than 5 dirham. I spent the day exploring different wings of the museum and getting myself acquainted with the history of Dubai. It was an amazing experience to see how Dubai was before catching the eyes oil riches.

2- Arba Ride

Arba Ride

To enjoy the simplicity of crossing a creek I hopped aboard an Arba ride and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. An Arba is a small wooden vessel that has the capacity to seat 20 people. While on board, I got to see the bustling at the northern bank as sea trades gloat about their successful trip from Iran while unloading their riches. Arba can also be described as a traditional ferry used in Dubai for decades.

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3- Pehlwani Wrestling

Pehlwani Wrestling

Pehlwani wrestling also known as Kushti wrestling is a Southeast Asian sport that made its way to the Emirates. People gather around a bunch of heavyweight muscular men and the purpose of the game is to knock out your opponent using just your body weight. While watching the game I realized how much people enjoy these kinds of happenings. There are no charges as the crowd gathers around on a specific point before the game begins. What caught my attention was that Dubai places a strong emphasis on modest dressing but the players are dressed in nothing but a scant loincloth. Anyways, the cheers and the zest that I got to see during the game were worth it and I found myself enjoying every moment of it.

4- Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Dubai is known for its famous shopping malls all around the globe. There are a lot of different malls that you will adore visiting. Shopping in Dubai is comparatively cheap but I went to the malls to enjoy the happenings around me and to see the fully lit and lively environment. Malls are made super attractive to lure you; once you are inside, you get to forget the outside world. I would strongly recommend you to visit Souk Madinat inside the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, Wafi Mall, and Mall of Arabia.

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5- The Gold Souk

The Gold Souk

It is not possible to talk about Dubai and not talk about Gold. Dubai is a gold hub containing thousands of Gold Souk all around the city. The gold is cheap and economical and you get every type of gold jewelry that you can think of. My intention was not to buy gold but the visit to Gold Souk was an amazing experience. I was surrounded by sparkling gold and gems as I made my way through the stores. The best place to visit is Gold and Diamond Park and who knows you might end up buying yourself something to remember Dubai by.

6- Bur-Dubai Creek Side

Bur-Dubai Creek Side

The Bur-Dubai Creek Side is of great significance as it has been a witness to the rise of Dubai as a new and modern nation. It is a focal point because it divides Dubai into two parts one being the old city and the other the new and apparently modern part of Dubai. The older part is called Deira whereas the modern part is known as Bur Dubai. It can be described as two different worlds opposite to each other. People are very different and have their separate norms and values. I spent most of my time in the newer parts of Dubai but the visit to Deira was very enlightening and enriching. Dubai Creek is one of the most admired tourist attractions. It has splendid restaurants offering gourmet cuisine and traditional Dhows used for trading. I spent my day walking around the creek and observing life as it was. The sunset and the sunrise are breathtaking at the creek. I could not keep my eyes off of the scene. The creek is also very important as it is the initial trading point and this is where the development process started from.

7- Meena Bazaar at night

Meena Bazaar at night

Traditionally Meena Bazaar originated in Mughal era. They were specially organized for the Mughal women who were not allowed to go out and shop. A Meena bazaar is totally different from the glittering malls of Dubai but it has its own unique charm. The bazaar is lined along the road and one can find anything one is looking for. They are always busy, people bustling around and rushing to their stalls. From Pakistani and Indian clothes to Iranian species, there are stalls selling inexpensive household products and people shouting at the top of their lungs to attract customers. All in all, it presents a very chaotic picture but at the same time, it is exciting to experience life in a rush.

To make your trip a memorable one I would recommend you to at least visit 4 of these places and spend the whole day there. There is so much more to Dubai than all the glitter that we see on the TV and magazines.

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