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Take Your New Year’s Eve 2022 Celebrations To The Sea

By Alex Smith -22 November, 2021

Allow yourself to experience an extravagant new year in Dubai as you sail through the waves of water. Everybody gets excited for New Year as for some, a new year means a new chance in life. Some people also call it a new beginning and they welcome the New Year to a new level. Just ail the stress the past year has given you. Cruise through the Arabian Seas with yacht rental Dubai for embracing another chance to explore life.

One of the significant perks, when you are in Dubai, is the best chance to cruise on a yacht anytime. A lot of tour operators offer yacht rental in Dubai to serve you, especially on New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, no excuse not to rent a yacht for celebration. For a luxurious experience, you also have the option of a private or luxury yacht.

Here are some surprising while chartering a yacht in Dubai for a New Year’s celebration:


Any celebration is considered incomplete without fireworks? It is fascinating to know, Dubai has never failed to show up a spectacular as well as fireworks display as a new year unfolds. Dubai presents the most expensive fireworks display that you can never see anywhere else in the world.

There’s nothing better way to witness such an amazing show than renting a yacht for hours. When midnight comes, the chartered yacht stops in the middle of the sea. So, you can enjoy the show. Yacht rental Dubai also get you to enjoy the fireworks while cruising through Dubai’s iconic landmarks.

New Year Yacht Party

On land, clubs and restaurants are crowded during New Year’s Eve. You will have a hard time looking for a party. However, if you rent a yacht in Dubai, you can party until the sun rises. If you really want some intimate party with your family or friends, rent a yacht. You can also rent a DJ in order to make a party memorable. Dance through the thumping beats of music as you countdown towards the new year.

Sumptuous Feast

New Year’s Eve celebration is incomplete without good food. It is fascinating to know that Yacht rental companies offer catering menus. You can easily customize to satisfy your palate. They have a staff and a chef to deliver what you crave on New Year’s Eve.

Yachting with spectacular views

Who said yachting is just for staying in the same set-up. Add a twist and make your new Year’s Eve more exploratory on a yacht in Dubai. You can opt for the most suitable package and go around Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina in order to cover the key spots. Another mesmerizing thing to visit while cruising would be the World Islands, a collection of man-made islands shaped in the continents. Last but not least, Dubai creek is a must-visit too.

Tailored Service

Yacht rental companies have a crew onboard to make your experience convenient as well as a whole lot better. Yacht rental abu dhabi are there to keep you company in order to enjoy the celebration. They ensure to provide you with whatever you need during your new years eve dubai. Yacht rental Dubai also offers some additional services to avail. If you want to get fancy, request a red carpet upon arrival. Moreover, you can even ask them to do the decorating of the yacht in order to make the ambiance suited for the event.

Complete Comfort and Privacy

If you are looking for a yacht-themed private party this Year, book with Mala yachts and let us do the rest for you. We will ensure, the evening is captivating with all your requirements such as custom lighting, musicians, fireworks, DJs, live music, fly board display, and many more.

You are allowed to choose from the wide array of private and luxury yacht party packages designed particularly for the New Years’ Evening in Dubai. Starting from your favorite beverages, sumptuous meals, and other fun activities in an idyllic atmosphere will leave you wanting for nothing more. You have the complete choice to customize your packages according to your personal needs in order to make your celebration more fulfilling for you. Mala Yachts will provide you with complete comfort as well as privacy in style.

Mala Yachts – a yacht rental company in Dubai ensures you get the best service. All the yachts are fully sanitized and disinfected regularly with a hygiene regime. As you book with Mala yachts for the most memorable New Year Yacht party, you can keep your worries away.

A Theme Party on a Yacht

If you want an interesting twist to your New Year Yacht Party, give it a theme to go by. It can be from your favorite era or movie and people will be dressed according to that. The food and music on the yacht could also be adjusted as per the theme. You are going to love the experience to get a gallery full of interesting photos to look back on.

Delicious food, live entertainment, the sky alight with celebratory fireworks, and upbeat music the New Year’s Eve yacht deals are a great way to begin 2022 with a wave of optimism. Just imagine yourself sailing across the shimmering waters at night. You can find yourself dancing and singing with sumptuous food, drinks, and fireworks in the background. If you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve dinner at a yacht, a budget-friendly cruise or a full-on yacht party, yacht rental Dubai’s new year’s deals have got you covered.

Private Get-Together on Yacht

If you are in splurge mode or want your party to be the talk of the town until the next year, there is nothing better than a private yacht party. Partying amidst the sound of waves would surely be a rejuvenating experience for you, your friends, and your family. Topped with drinks and food curated by culinary geniuses, good music, Mala Yachts can help you with a well-curated groovy playlist.

Water Adventures

Are you a sucker for water sports activities? If yes, then a day indulging in water activities should be part of your plan. All you have to do is, book a package and get multiple options for water sports. Deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, and sea diving are some of the most sought-after options. There is a significant need to know, that yacht management takes care of the equipment and transitions.

Now, what are you waiting for? Cruising a yacht for a new year’s celebration in Dubai will make your countdown memorable and amusing. Yacht rental companies allow you to enjoy the best party with your friends and family with the world’s largest fireworks display. Just catch up with your loved ones while enjoying a mouthwatering dinner complemented with tailored service. Welcoming this new year in Dubai is going to make you look forward to what’s bound to happen for the next year.

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