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Taste our heavenly cooked dishes – Abu Dhabi

Mala Yachts Abu Dhabi provides globally acclaimed chefs to serve your taste buds with the best. We have got an incredible range of food items present from every corner of the world that will leave you in awe. Having your favorite food in the middle of the ocean is a dream come true and we make sure that we meet up to your expectations.


If you plan to have a fine dining experience at our luxurious cruise, let us know before some time so that our expert chefs prepare the food that you love. Whether you are a Chinese lover or crave for American dishes, our menu includes Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Arabic, Italian, Pakistani, and Indian and American cuisines. All of these cuisines are professionally cooked to satisfy your taste buds. People who want to enjoy live BBQ onboard can experience having a luscious BBQ served at their tables which is cooked in front of them.


It does not end here but we have desserts from our international menu cards that will soothe your taste buds while you are sailing in water. At Mala Yachts Abu Dhabi we offer top-notch quality services to our clients and take care of everything that you demand.



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