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Yacht Proposal in Abu Dhabi

Do you have feelings for someone and want to express it in the most romantic way ever? Then what are you waiting for just book a yacht in Abu Dhabi by Mala Yachts and experience the best yacht proposal ever. Our team at Mala Yachts will make the best arrangements for your special day and turn it in the most memorable one. Whether you need a luxury yacht filled with roses or a red carpet for your soul mate we will make all the arrangements for you. Our team will suggest you with great ideas and draft a scenario for you in your desired style.


A luxurious yacht is the best option when you need to express your love to someone. Imagine you are asking out your lover in the middle of the sea with beautiful views surrounding you. You will definitely receive a big YES if you choose such a romantic destination.


With warm music behind you and being exposed to scenic views the two of you will feel much better and it will create a romantic environment. Whether you want to hug each other or want to spend some special moments, a luxurious yacht is the best option. Your tables will be set in the middle of the deck and you will be surrounded with a calm and serene environment. So make your partner feel extra special by asking him or her out in the middle of the sea. Book a yacht charter in Abu Dhabi and get VIP services of being picked and dropped by our team members.

Yacht Proposal Abu Dhabi

Yacht Proposal Abu Dhabi


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