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Desert Rose Yacht – It Gives Meaning to the Word Mega Yacht

By Alex Smith -8 February, 2016

MalaYachts has an impressive fleet of yachts ready for service. For years, we have provided much enjoyment to all who have come aboard. Each one of our yachts comes with amazing features and amenities. Traveling via one of these yachts is one of the most luxurious ways to travel across the Arabian ocean. Each new yacht we put into service, it adds to the value of our company. Whether you are travelling to Dubai you can have an amazing and exhilarating experience on the blue water.

Desert rose dubai

This year MalaYachts has added a new yacht to their enormous fleet, The Desert Rose Yacht Dubai. This yacht is a beauty to say the least. It gives new meaning to the word Mega yacht dinner cruise. This yacht can cater to the simplest of affairs or the largest of parties. It has breathtaking outdoor features. There is a pool and spa for outdoor entertaining. You can sit back and relax in the water or have some fun with friends.  You can have drinks outdoor as well with the pool bar readily available. There is an upper outside deck with room enough to entertain several guests at once. It is also the best place to enjoy the city views as you travel.

Yacht Rental Dubai

If indoor entertaining is your desire then there is plenty of room on the other decks. There is an immense white spiral staircase that will lead you to the deck of choice. Dining experiences are enhanced with beautiful decor and luxurious views. If you want to lounge around, then feel free to relax in one of several sitting areas. There is a full staff on hand always ready to take your requests. The lounge areas are very spacious and very modern to say the least. Enjoy your meals in the comfort of a small cozy dining area. Or enjoy your time with friends and family in one of the larger rooms for more entertaining. There is enough room for dancing if that is your choice. There is plenty of table space no matter where you are if you want to relax.

Once you decide to rest after a hard day of play, enjoy your stay in one of the many luxurious bedrooms. Each room comes with a sleek and modern design. You can get rooms with one bed or two. Each room has its own bathroom and you get a window to enjoy the views.

So if you are looking for a great experience when you are on your next vacation, then take a ride on the Desert Rose Yacht. It is the perfect place for a large party or even a simple wedding. Your guests will be impressed at every turn. You can rent it out even for business trips.  Travel in style and comfort. There is plenty of space and you will rest knowing you are in great hands on the sea. After a trip on this Lotus Mega yacht you will never want to rent any other yacht.  So choose the Desert Rose Yacht for your next vacation excursion. You won’t be disappointed.

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