Why Yacht Charter is Better Option than Hotel?

Last Updated On August 29, 2023

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Dubai is a land that changed from a barren piece to a modern state. It is the second name of fun and luxury. Everyone can visit the city from all around the world. Whether you want to spend the weekend or hold an event choose a perfect location. There are a lot of big shopping malls which offer a great variety of things which anyone can buy. In Dubai, there are a lot of venues including restaurants, hotels, and cafes that suit you. It has beautiful skyscrapers and a luxurious lifestyle for everyone.

People in the town are bustling here and there for earning a good living standard. To take a break from a busy lifestyle, it is necessary to enjoy some special moments in a luxurious environment. Luxury is what is associated with both yacht charter and hotel but why yacht chartering is the better option? Here you will come to know why yacht charter Dubai should be preferred over the hotel. Let’s have a look.

Mala Yacht offers a great variety of yachts of different sizes. The size ranges from 33 ft to 220 ft. Each yacht is booked for a fixed number of guests. As Gugu boat accommodates 90 guests. 50 ft Riva yacht can hold 18 guests. Whereas, Lotus mega yacht can easily accommodate around 500 guests. Decide about the mood of the gathering and the number of guests then book a yacht. We offer you the best services in town.

Reasons to charter a yacht


Sign of luxury

Luxury and comfort are what defines luxury yacht charter. A yacht charter is a sailing venue taking you to the breathtaking locations. The well-mannered and trained crew stay around you all the time to provide you maximum comfort. Your all choices and demands are fulfilled on-board. Many yacht charters have higher crew ratio for individual catering of guests.

Choosing a yacht charter provides you unique opportunity to enjoy accommodation that does not only suit your needs but also allow you to indulge in adventurous activities. Whether you want to relax on deck, experience snorkeling, rejuvenate yourself or even want to use a helicopter at your disposal, nothing is better than luxury yacht charter where everything is incorporated with finest details at one location.

In contrast to yachts, hotels give you a luxurious feel but still you can’t enjoy to that extent. You can only indulge in the activities that are land based or you can see that building just. Yacht provides you with immense opportunity to explore everything.

Sign of luxury

Mobility and Convenience

Embarking on a yacht charter Dubai offers a remarkable advantage in terms of mobility and convenience. Rather than wasting time in traffic to reach different parts of the city or island, you can simply relax and enjoy the journey as the captain navigates the yacht to your desired coastal destinations. You can even access secluded beaches that are inaccessible by other means, such as the pristine shores of Palm Jumeirah or the picturesque islands scattered across Dubai’s waters.

While Dubai offers a myriad of luxurious hotels, they do not provide the same level of mobility as a yacht charter. When opting for a hotel stay in Dubai, you may need to consider factors such as traffic congestion and travel time to reach different attractions and destinations within the city. Moving between various parts of Dubai might require additional planning and coordination, which can be time-consuming.


Witness beautiful sights and views

Imagine waking up to new locations with picturesque views while you are served with delicious breakfast on bed. Unlike a hotel, a luxurious yacht charter allows you to create your own dream vacation the way you want without restraint locations. You can feast your eyes with constantly changing panoramic views. You can customize the list to places to visit at the time of booking.

In hotel you only can visit the closed location or restricted to your hotel. There is less opportunity to explore the beauty of Dubai.


Option to make the event customized

You are free to steer your own course with a variety of options available onboard. You set the pace. Your schedule can change if you like a particular location or find something appealing along the way. Your every need or demand can be customized upon your choice. Even for culinary delight, the menu can be customized to your taste.

Personal chefs prepare delicious 5-star food items to boost your taste buds whereas, the menu is fixed in the hotel. You can add live BBQ and music in the package. There is less or no flexibility in hotels to cater your all needs. The services of mala yachts are satisfactory.


Get full privacy

Privacy is another element that dominates the yacht charter over the hotel. The privacy element of the yacht is truly incomparable from scrumptious dishes served to your personal taste to sunbathing on the deck surrounded by the endless beautiful sea. You don’t need to fight for going to another place to the crowds or pool. Your privacy is given first priority by crew and captain to make you feel safe. In hotel, you have other guests around you as well and couldn’t find that much privacy.



The cost of yacht rental Dubai is no longer limited to the wealthy alone. Various factors influence the price of a yacht, including its size, design, amenities, and the time of the season. Naturally, larger yachts with more luxurious amenities will come at a higher price. However, by taking advantage of early-bird discounts and sharing the costs with your companions, a yacht vacation can become a luxurious yet more affordable alternative to staying in a high-end hotel. With careful planning and cost-sharing, a yacht charter in Dubai offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a lavish vacation while creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

On the other hand, high-end hotels in Dubai may come with their own hefty price tags. While they offer luxurious accommodations and a range of top-notch amenities, the overall cost can be higher compared to a shared yacht charter experience. However, hotels often provide package deals, promotions, and seasonal discounts, allowing guests to enjoy the lavishness of a luxury hotel stay at a more affordable rate. Additionally, hotels offer the convenience of various on-site facilities, such as restaurants, spas, and pools, which can enhance your overall vacation experience.


Give a modern touch

It’s being old fashioned to choose a stereotype land location lie hotels. Try something thrilling and more adventurous with yacht charter in Dubai and book for floating restaurant. Everyone will love the idea and you will definitely enjoy the quality time here. The professional crew members will make you feel comfortable and take care of your needs on priority. Get yourself pampered onboard and just sit back. You can feel the real luxurious feel.


Enjoy water activities onboard

People love to do something extra ordinary or different from the past vacations. Mala yachts offer a great range of water activities which include parasailing, speed boat ride or jet skiing. What could be more fun to enjoy such thrilling activities just in the middle of the Bluewater, under the silent sky. Trained staff will be there for your assistance. You can enjoy fishing with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful sunrise while cruising.

You can’t have the experience of water sports while you are booking for the hotel residence. If you want to try such activities, you have to travel far away from the hotel.


Capture beautiful moments

When you are in the center of the sea and eye-catching buildings surround you then don’t forget to capture the moments. Take pictures with beautiful backdrops of ultra-modern architecture. Everyone loves the mesmerizing beauty of the sea and talk buildings across the Dubai coastal areas. These pictures will make your beautiful memories save for future.

You can take pictures in hotel but they didn’t match to the beauty of those pictures taken onboard.


Helps in good health

The fresh air in contrast to the hotel or restaurant leave a refreshing effect on the mind and body. Yacht charter Dubai allows the guests to enjoy the soft feel of the breeze and sunset or sunrise. No one can resist the beauty of such event in whole life.

Inside residence don’t give you the experience of natural atmosphere unless you walk for the open area. But the yachts provide you with the great opportunity to have the real feel of nature staying close to it.

The amalgam of flexibility, high-end services, and luxury make yacht charter a better option than the hotel. A yacht rental Dubai with such facilities is unbeatable. Charter a yacht to have maximum fun with your nearest ones with ever-changing mesmerizing sceneries in the middle of the exotic sea.


Yachts in Dubai provide a unique and unrivaled experience, offering the freedom to change destinations at will and enjoy the utmost in personalized luxury. With a dedicated crew catering to your every need, a yacht charter allows for a level of indulgence and exclusivity that surpasses that of a traditional hotel stay. Moreover, the value and breadth of experiences that come with a yacht charter simply cannot be matched by a hotel. So, when it comes to creating a truly unforgettable holiday, treating yourself and your loved ones to the extraordinary experience of a yacht charter Dubai is a choice that will leave lasting memories for years to come.

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Take your NIC with you whenever going onboard. Moreover, put sunscreen some snacks with you if you didn’t add it in the package.

Proper hygienic measure is followed onboard. Professional chefs are there to cater such service. There is no compromise on the quality of the product. Client’s satisfaction is our priority.

Discuss every question or requirement that comes to your mind with the yacht broker while booking. You can add any water activity from the list to your package with some extra charges.

Yes, there are small yachts which serve the best to the small group members. But if the guest list is big then go for the larger yachts. 

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