Corporate Team Building Activities Ideas To Try in Dubai

Last Updated On August 29, 2023

Posted By Hisham

Have you noticed a lack of motivation among your employees? Have you ever wondered why they seem distracted in their work? Have you evaluated the culture of your office? Understanding the importance of uniting your team emotionally and physically is crucial for maximizing their potential. Let me share some insights with you!

Team-building activities have always played a significant role in enhancing performance. By incorporating relaxation and fun into the work environment, you can achieve more in less time. If you’re in Dubai or planning a corporate team outing there, we have some fantastic ideas for you.


Corporate Event On Yacht


Organizing team-building activities on a yacht can challenge participants’ survival skills and make them more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Despite being demanding, yacht activities can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It serves as a bonding experience, as you’ll be sailing in the middle of the sea with only your crew on board. If you prefer privacy, you can even book a private corporate yacht charter in Dubai. Plan your next corporate event on a yacht to test your employees’ management and self-control skills. Consider these corporate team-building activities:

Corporate Event On Yacht

Painting Ideas

Art provides a wonderful medium for expressing emotions. Plan a half-day or full-day painting activity where participants can create a large picture reflecting your corporate culture. Involve as many employees as possible. This activity will help reduce stress and promote a healthy corporate culture.

There is an idea for planning a painting idea. You can make 2 teams and ask one to draw something motivational after 10 minutes discussion. Then the team with a good collaboration can be awarded with a gift. This will develop healthy cooperative environment.

Painting Ideas

Virtual Escape Room

Brings the thrill and enigma directly to your team members onboard! By selecting a specific Escape Room experience, participants can navigate through various rooms, solve intricate puzzles, unravel murder mysteries, and embark on captivating adventures. It’s an incredibly enjoyable activity that not only entertains but also fosters collaboration and enhances communication among your staff.

Virtual Escape Room


A team-building activity that promises culinary adventure, where success or failure adds a touch of excitement. Unleashing creativity and teamwork, participants will put their leadership skills into action.

Form smaller teams within your group, choose a food category, and challenge each team to craft a delectable masterpiece. The category can range from ice cream and salsa to pizza. For an added twist, introduce a mandatory ingredient that all teams must incorporate, such as maple syrup or Oreos. Alternatively, encourage teams to think outside the box by shaping their food creations creatively – pizzas can take on almost any form! You can also plan a gift for the team who spends less for the items.


Sneak a Peek

Imagine blending a test of memory with the excitement of Pictionary, and you have Sneak a Peek. This engaging game involves breaking the team into groups of at least four, where each group takes turns recreating objects from memory. Using LEGOs, clay, or building blocks, a game leader creates an object or structure, hidden from view, for all groups to replicate. One member from each group gets a 10-second “sneak peek” at the structure, returning to their team to describe it, aiding in the recreation.

If the structure isn’t complete after a minute, another member sneaks a peek and continues guiding the group. The rotation persists until a group confidently recreates the item, competing to be the first. Sneak a Peek not only enhances project management skills but also showcases the power of collaboration and retention of information among coworkers.


Board Game Tournament

Ignite your team’s competitive spirit right onboard with a team-wide board game tournament. To make it convenient for larger teams, select a single game and have team members sign up for specific time slots, allowing them to step away from their desks and enjoy some gameplay. Games like Boggle, Jenga, or classic card games work well due to their reasonable playtimes.

There is an idea for board game. Divide the company into teams for a multi-puzzle race, turning it into a teamwork challenge that energizes the entire office. Provide each team with copies of the same puzzle and see which group can complete it first. Offer prizes as you would in an office trivia game to add excitement. Ensure that each team has an equal number of participants and select a puzzle size that suits the team’s size, considering that a 1000-piece puzzle might be time-consuming for smaller teams of five or six people.

Don’t forget to offer enticing prizes for first, second, and third place, adding an extra level of motivation and excitement to the tournament.


Conducting Seminars

Seminars foster trust relationships and serve as a valuable source of fresh and intriguing ideas. Similarly, wellness workshops educate team members about good habits, reducing health risks and the negative effects of stress, boosting productivity, fostering teamwork, and reducing healthcare expenses for employers.

Conducting Seminars

Organize a Lunch and Learn Session

Tap into the hidden talents within your team by leveraging their unique strengths to foster unity. Whether someone possesses knitting skills, fluency in another language, or expertise in Excel, invite them to host a “lunch and learn” session where they can teach their peers a new skill during the midday break. This activity allows the teaching employee to practice mentoring and presentation skills, while the rest of the team gains knowledge and excitement from learning something new about their colleagues.


Encourage Social Responsibility

Creating a sense of social responsibility among your employees can help you make your corporate culture better. When you invest in an employee volunteer program it lets them speak up openly and optimistically about what they feel about their jobs. This will let you know where to make changes in your corporate sector to make your employees more productive.

Encourage Social Responsibility

Two Truths and One Lie

A classic and engaging activity, Two Truths and One Lie serves as a fantastic ice-breaker for integrating coworkers who are still getting to know each other. Gather the group in a circle and allow each person to introduce themselves by sharing three statements about themselves, with the catch that only two statements are true. The rest of the group then attempts to identify the lie, encouraging conversation and connection among colleagues. This will develop a good communication among the colleagues.


Karaoke Night

To encourage employees to step out of their comfort zones and have a blast, organize a karaoke night. Let them showcase their singing skills and consider hosting a contest for the best group karaoke performance. Enhance the fun factor by incorporating props like feather boas and cowboy hats. The more communication will result more success to the company. To make the colleagues open with each other freely, karaoke night is one of the best ideas.

Keep in mind that this activity tends to appeal more to extroverted individuals. If your team leans towards introversion, consider exploring other ideas from this list that cater to different personality types.


Treasure Hunt

A widely popular corporate team-building activity, the Treasure Hunt in Dubai emphasizes effective communication and time management. Engage in this appealing adventure on a yacht to strengthen bonds and foster teamwork. You can plan some clues and hide things accordingly. Good team work will result in completion of task as soon as possible.


Perform a "Human Knot" Untangling Exercise

One popular activity on yacht, this exercise serves as a fun method to foster teamwork and problem-solving among team members. Gather everyone in a circle, standing close together, and instruct them to hold hands with people who are not directly adjacent to them. The objective is to untangle themselves without breaking the chain of interconnected hands. To make it more challenging, you can impose restrictions like maintaining silence or setting a time limit. Keep in mind that this activity requires sufficient space to maneuver around each other and a workplace environment where holding hands is comfortable and appropriate.


Engage in Blind Guiding

Pair up team members and have one person wear a blindfold while the other guides them through various actions. This can involve helping the blindfolded person navigate across the office or complete tasks such as moving objects or drawing pictures. By encouraging individuals who don’t typically work closely together to participate, this exercise promotes communication skills and fosters trust-building.


Conduct a Silent Line-Up

Set a timer and instruct team members to line up in a specific order, such as by height, birthday, or company tenure, without using any verbal communication. This unique challenge not only provides insights into each other’s backgrounds but also encourages teamwork as participants work together to overcome the task without speaking.

Adventurous Activities on Yacht for Your Corporate Team

If you’re seeking thrilling activities for your team onboard, we have some fantastic ideas for you.

Paddle Boarding

Fostering sportsmanship can bring many benefits. Organize a paddle board racing event for those who are willing to take risks. Being on the water helps relax the mind and body.

Bonfire Gathering

Gathering around a cozy bonfire, sharing laughter over silly jokes, and creating memorable moments can greatly strengthen bonds. Enhance the experience with a barbecue party and lively music, allowing you to dance beneath a star-studded sky.

Dragon Boating

Engage in a synchronized team exercise aboard a long, narrow boat. Success in dragon boating relies on effective communication, trust, and unwavering commitment to the team’s objective. Rest assured, life jackets are provided to ensure the safety of all participants, regardless of their swimming abilities.

Other Venues for Conducting Team Building Activities

For more unique and exciting venues other than yacht continue reading:


Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Topgolf, a renowned golf club in Dubai, offers a range of team-building sessions. To inquire about their activities, visit their website and click on the ‘Enquire Now’ button, which will lead you to the ‘Events Enquiry Form.’


Phobia presents an intriguing challenge even for seasoned professionals. Gather your team of up to five people for an immersive experience, where you’ll be locked inside a modern museum, a detective’s apartment, or a spooky bunker. With 60 minutes on the clock, work together to find clues and decipher codes in order to escape. This thrilling activity encourages teamwork and deeper understanding among team members.

Phobia is an ideal choice for indoor team building activities in Dubai, with a cost of only AED 115 per person.


Aventura is a captivating destination in Dubai that offers an exciting opportunity for team outings. If you have an adventurous workforce, why not challenge them with thrilling activities? They can test their limits by scaling a 5-meter pool known as the Leap of Faith, conquer a catwalk called Cat Walk, reach the top of a 12-meter climbing wall known as Himalaya, and climb up Jacob’s Ladder to stay ahead in the competition.

These exhilarating challenges, starting from AED 75, aim to build confidence and trust among team members. Each person can participate in three to four activities at most. Additionally, Aventura provides a climatized meeting room, prizes for guests, and the option to obtain a Mushrif Park gate pass. For further information, visit their website.


Let your team embrace their inner adventurers at TEPfactor! This popular indoor playground in Dubai offers the ultimate team building experience. Teams consisting of two to six players can participate in a series of challenges. Once a team completes 16 challenges, they gain access to four bonus activities.

Prepare for hours of endless fun and adrenaline as your team puts their fitness, logic, and skills to the test. TEPfactor features 21 exciting mind-bending puzzles and mazes. Typically, teams take two to four hours to complete all the challenges.


You may have heard the saying, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” This motto perfectly embodies Rush-A-Way, an organization offering experiential challenges to strengthen team bonds.

Rush-A-Way’s team building activities range from scavenger hunts to high-spirited races. In addition to physical challenges, they also provide virtual team building sessions to boost employee morale. With a large clientele that includes renowned brands like Google, Unilever, Reckitt, and Mubadala, Rush-A-Way has established itself as a trusted provider of team building activities.

Dubai Parks And Resorts

If you want your team to have an unforgettable and thrilling experience, Dubai Parks and Resorts is the perfect choice. With over 100 fun rides and attractions, it offers a team building experience like no other.

Dubai Parks and Resorts feature the city’s most popular theme parks, including Motiongate, Legoland, Riverland, and Bollywood Parks. Additionally, you can head to Legoland Waterpark for some splashy fun! To book a team building session, simply submit a proposal using the form available on their website.


Looking for a snowy team building experience? Ski Dubai, the wintry wonderland of Dubai, offers “cool” activities for your team. These activities include the Treasure Hunt, Snowman Challenge, and Snow Warrior, which consist of six mental and physical challenges.

To book Ski Dubai’s team building activities, fill out the “Contact A Corporate Representative” form on their official website.


Join your team for a fun-filled day at the trendiest indoor trampoline park in Dubai, BOUNCE. Experience an exciting Dodgeball tournament, take on the thrilling X-Park adventure challenge course, soar through a zip line, and enjoy many other activities. To book an adrenaline-fueled team-building session at Bounce Dubai, simply give us a call.

The team-building package at Bounce Dubai includes a two-hour Bounce experience, engaging activities such as Dodgeball Competition, X-Park Challenge, Slam Dunk All Stars, Big Bag Racer, and Wall Running. Dedicated hosts will be there to assist you, and catering services are available as well.


Indulge in the river rides at Aquaventure by grabbing an inner-tube and enjoying the 2.4 km long River Rapids ride. You can also take a refreshing dip in the zero-entry pools. The Torrent is a particularly popular river ride, creating waves that reach over a meter in height.


For an up-close and personal encounter with impressive sea predators, consider the Shark Safari at Aquaventure. Please note the minimum age requirement for this ride is 10 years. In-house guests can enjoy the Shark Safari starting at AED 495.


Corporate team-building activities play a crucial role in fostering motivation, engagement, and productivity among employees. By incorporating a variety of activities, organizations can create a positive and supportive work culture while encouraging collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. Whether it’s organizing a corporate event on a yacht, engaging in virtual escape rooms, or participating in adventurous activities like paddleboarding or desert adventures, there are numerous options available to suit different team preferences and objectives. By investing in team-building activities, organizations can create a more cohesive and motivated workforce, ultimately leading to improved performance and success.

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Ideas for team-building activities during a meeting include solving puzzles, counting to 20, having a compliment circle, hosting a brainstorming session, engaging in a “show and tell,” sharing personality traits, playing team or board games, and organizing a scavenger hunt.

Enjoy fun activities in Dubai such as skydiving, water rides at Aquaventure Waterpark, desert safari with a BBQ dinner, hot air balloon rides, watching the Dubai Fountain Show, scuba diving, bungee jumping, ziplining at Xline Dubai, indoor skiing at Ski Dubai, and a Dhow dinner cruise, among others.

Popular objectives for team building include promoting company values, fostering innovative ideas, encouraging entrepreneurship, improving internal communication, enhancing customer relationships, and boosting negotiation skills.

Consider these tips for organizing successful team-building events: set clear goals, establish a budget, involve the right people, choose an appropriate time, and incorporate volunteering opportunities.

The six types of team-building approaches are activity-based, communication-based, skills-based, personality-based, problem-solving-based, and value-based techniques.

Apart from the mentioned ideas, hosting lunches, playing board games, or creating a scavenger hunt within the office premises are commonly used to encourage employee participation.

For an adventurous outing, consider Dubai’s escape rooms or the stress-relieving Smash Room. Other options include Dubai Autodrome or Aquaventure Waterpark. If your team prefers an indoor activity, a karaoke night in Dubai could be enjoyable.

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