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Top 24 Sea Food Restaurants Dubai in 2023

By Mala Yachts -2 October, 2022

The top seafood restaurants in Dubai integrate distinct flavors into popular meals. The restaurants have beautiful Arabic designs and wonderful views. International cuisine is among the top ones. This time, you must explore the seafood universe with Mala Yachts in 2022. When prepared properly, seafood can be a spectacular meal. In particular, Dubai has several restaurants providing fresh seafood. In particular, Dubai boasts various Seafood Restaurants, from beachside shacks to upscale cafes overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

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True seafood fans are passionate about their meals. If so, then it describes us well. Knowing where to find good seafood in Dubai is certainly useful, but there are other considerations. The greatest seafood restaurants in Dubai provide a wide variety of fresh seafood. From live displays and oysters shucked to order to lobster linguine and Kerala-style crab curry and be still, our thrumming gills. How would you select from the city’s many restaurants? Here are Dubai’s greatest seafood restaurants. No of the occasion, these restaurants will satisfy your seafood desires.

1. Alici Restaurant Dubai

Alici Restaurant Dubai

In Dubai, this restaurant with an Amalfi Coast theme. You’ll find Alici on the water’s edge of Blue water’s island. Walking inside the establishment will transport you to a welcoming family-run trattoria on the Italian coast. Keep in mind that seafood buffets aren’t cheap – but they aren’t outrageously pricey either. The menu is extensive without being overwhelming. In short, the cuisine is superb, and the service is kind without being annoying.

2. Ibn AlBahr Seafood Restaurant Dubai

Ibn AlBahr Seafood Restaurant Dubai

Ibn Al Bahr is the next place on our list of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai. As one of the best places to eat in Palm Jumeirah, it serves a wide range of tasty seafood from Lebanon. Thus, it is all caught fresh and priced by the kilo. Further, you can also try their fish curry and cashew nut prawns, which are both delicious. It’s a great place to go if you want to try something different and tasty at the same time. Eventually, the same can be said for their mezzes. Further, the location of this restaurant is: Club Vista Mare- Palm Jumeirah.

3. Al Mahara Restaurant Dubai

Al Mahara Restaurant Dubai

Since, it is the best seafood Dubai that Burj Al Arab has to offer. There are a lot of expensive dishes on the menu at Al Mahara. Therefore, these dishes make it a good place for a special event or a big dinner. Chef Kasper, a new head gourmet specialist who just started at the café, is sure to be making some exciting high-end seafood dishes.

4. The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill

The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill

This trendy restaurant provides seafood buffets, surfing, and turfing. It’s a paradise for those who love oysters, seafood, and home-cooked meals. Here are some of Dubai’s greatest tacos, therefore. Maine’s quirky drinks and exquisite wine selection make it one of Dubai’s best seafood restaurants. In other words, you’ll love the seafood here. This award-winning restaurant at Jumeirah Beach Residences serves fresh fish, steamers, and raw bar seafood towers. In no time, take a seat within to admire their expansive demonstration kitchen. Even so, you can grab a rattan seat on the patio. Maine’s skill goes beyond oysters, despite its moniker.

5. Sea Fu Restaurant Dubai

Sea Fu Restaurant Dubai

This Asian-influenced seafood restaurant is open for lunch, dinner, and bar snacks all day. It also offers 50% off beverages between 5pm and 7pm. Thus, it is a great time to watch the sunset. Its beachside location gives it a casual atmosphere, but its size gives it a nostalgic, and close vibe.

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Further, this is one of the greatest seafood restaurants in Dubai. Plus, it’s on the Four Seasons, and so top-notch. You’ll discover sashimi, nigari, maki, and temaki on the Asian-inspired cuisine at Four Seasons Resort. Lastly, a DJ plays every day, and on Sundays, a live band entertains guests.

6. Seafood Market Restaurant Dubai

Seafood Market Restaurant Dubai

The restaurant represents busy Asian marketplaces on a cruise ship with market-style displays of fresh fish and shellfish. It is a fresh fish restaurant in Dubai. Diners choose the fish of the day from Seafood Market’s great selection. Because of its dependability, this restaurant is among the best in Dubai. Seafood Market’s fresh and flavorful cuisine makes customers want to return. Everything on your table, from shrimp to lobsters, is cooked to perfection.

This restaurant has a seawater tank that holds mainly French oysters and the U.S., Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand lobsters restaurant Dubai. Seafood Market offers Norwegian king crabs, snow crabs, and mud crabs from Oman, Australia, and New Zealand. Moreover, this restaurant also offers local humor, hallway, red mullet, salmon, and baby shark.

7. Salmontini Le Resto Restaurant

Salmontini Le Resto Restaurant

In the Mall of the Emirates, you’ll find some of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai. In other words, where you can enjoy fresh seafood. Prepared in innovative ways as well as topped with smoked salmon seasoned with exquisite spices. You may choose from a variety of meat meals, sushi, and sweets. The best way to characterize the vibe at Dubai’s most popular seafood spot is as luxurious, classy, and warm. Lastly, the location of Salmontini Le Resto is:

Mall of the Emirates, First Floor E11 Sheikh Zayed Rd.

8. Emirates Sea Restaurant Dubai

Emirates Sea Restaurant Dubai

The famous Emirates Sea Restaurant is featured on the list of the finest seafood restaurants in Dubai. Plus, there are lavish delicacies available that may be customized to suit the preferences of every guest. Basically, the restaurant’s impeccable service has earned it a reputation as one of the top seafood restaurants in Dubai. In short, diners often plan to spend the whole day there.

9. Ossiano Restaurant Dubai

Ossiano Restaurant Dubai

Have you ever imagined dining at the sea’s bottom? This is possible at Ossiano. Ossiano, one of the top underwater restaurants in Dubai. It has floor-to-ceiling glass panels that give breathtaking views of the Ambassador Lagoon in Atlantis, the Palm. Eventually, this famous eatery serves seafood buffets while a stingray swims nearby.

Ossiano is one of Dubai’s greatest seafood restaurants, offering delectable delicacies. In other words, it is one of Dubai’s most romantic underwater restaurants. Besides this, stingrays and sharks swim freely around your table while you dine. Further, Chef Gregory Berger, one of the world’s greatest chefs, prepares seafood, caviar, and unique cuisine at Atlantis Dubai. In short, start with oysters, then choose from four, five, or seven-course menu selections.

10. 101Restaurant Dubai

101 Restaurant Dubai

101 is an attractive and beautiful café. This sparkling café is one of Dubai’s most nostalgic sites and has great cuisine. If you can tear your eyes away from Dubai Marina, the menu includes squid ink spaghetti with ocean urchins, Courteau, and emperor crab jasper. More often, at the hotel’s marina, you wish to spend an evening on the terrace overlooking the sea and skyline. It’s lovely and perfect for a low-key celebration. In addition to this, this cafe is pricey owing to its location and high-end nature. So, don’t forget to go for a seafood buffet or drink daily. The drinks menu contains typical, unique, and costly cocktails.

11. Catch 22 Restaurant Dubai

Catch 22 Restaurant Dubai

Located on The Beach in JBR, Catch 22 is a classic beach shack. There are soups, appetizers, burgers, salads, sushi, entrees, and some of the wildest milkshakes in town on the menu. Thus, if you’re looking for fresh seafood served in a lively and unique atmosphere, Catch 22 is your best bet for fresh fish restaurant Dubai. The restaurant isn’t just for seafood lovers. Despite the excellent sushi rolls, mussels, calamari, lobster bisque, seafood soup, and lobster mac & cheese.

Traditional dishes from throughout the world are also on the menu. Even so, Catch 22 on JBR’s The Beach has the most popular vintage beach shack too. Soups, appetizers, burgers, salads, sushi, entrees, and some of the wackiest milkshakes in town can all be found on the extensive menu.

12. Fish Beach Taverna

Fish Beach Taverna

Fish Beach Taverna has become one of the most romantic and best seafood restaurants in Dubai. It is right on the beach and has a whitewashed interior with bright lights. The restaurant serves a mix of Greek, Turkish, and Mediterranean dishes. You can eat with your toes in the sand at tables on the beach or in the garden. Further, it has a sharing concept and is open for lunch and dinner. So, people can try both hot and cold dishes.

The main types of food served at Fish are grills and casseroles. On the Fish menu, there are signature sharing plates like salads, vine leaves, tzatziki, dressed octopus, seafood, salmon, sea bass, calamari, mussels, pasta dishes, and more. Fish Beach Taverna Dubai will take your breath away. Additionally, you’re having a special event on one of our private dinner tables. Likewise, sipping a sunset cocktail at the bar, having a romantic dinner with someone special, or eating under our famous Teepee.

13. Hook & Cook Restaurant

Hook & Cook Restaurant

Hook & Cook conjures visions of quaint fishing boats and tasty seafood. Even if this new Palm Jumeirah restaurant isn’t rustic, the food and preparation reflect care. Hook & Cook is charming despite The Pointe’s quietness. The decor features maritime blues and whites, cargo ropes, tire light fittings, and candles in sand-filled jars. Despite being little, it’s not eerie.

The Dubai seafood buffets include seafood spaghetti, fried fish, and hot crab. Hook and Cook, a central point for fish darlings at The Pointe, serves fresh fish in nautical-themed décor with ocean views and shisha. Salmon lasagna, fish biryani, and scampi spaghetti all on the menu.

14. Pierchic Restaurant

Pierchic Restaurant

There are a lot of seafood restaurants in Dubai, but Pierchic stands out for so many reasons. Here, the restaurant cares a lot about sustainability, which is one of the things that makes their menu so good. Prices for a feast are usually in the bucket list range, but the quality makes up for it. We suggest checking out the Friday or Saturday informal breakfasts if you want to try a lot of different dishes.

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Pierchic serves seafood in a Mediterranean style. The restaurant makes magic with fresh, simple ingredients without going overboard. Thus, the perfect flavors and the dimly lit, over-the-ocean setting make for a perfect experience where the food and the atmosphere really shine. It’s romantic and peaceful, and the price you pay for it is well worth it.

15. Seagrill Bistro

Seagrill Bistro

From the upscale seafood restaurant Dubai Seagrill Bistro, you can see the beach in front of the Fairmont the Palm and Dubai Marina. The restaurant is lively, with tall windows that go all the way to the ceiling. Also, white stenciled walls that contrast with fake bamboo pillars, an artsy chandelier, and colorful soft furniture. The seafood platter is great. It comes with a whole crab, two levels of fresh mussels, oysters, salmon sashimi, and a plate of smoking dry ice. Moore often, this modern Mediterranean café with amazing views of the sea serves fresh seafood, prime meats, platters, and tender grill favorites. Likewise, at Seagrill, you can eat, and relax by the real wood-burning BBQ pit with grills and smoker.

16. Seaview Restaurant Dubai


This Jumeirah seafood restaurant meets all the requirements. Arrive before nightfall to witness the sunset behind the cute fishing boats. The cuisine is fantastic, including the freshest seafood in Dubai. It’s also cost-effective, refusing to charge Dubai-level rates for wholesome, home-cooked meals. This seafood restaurant near Jumeirah’s fishing dock is great. It’s wallet-friendly, giving nutritious, home-cooked, and cheap meals.

17. As You Wish Restaurant Dubai

As You Wish Restaurant Dubai

The fish serves in a unique style in this restaurant. Fish came in with painted some murals, grilled some sea creatures, and thrown our flip-flops all over the place. For the most part, the building of As You Wish Restaurant Dubai which opened in July in Umm Suqeim, has a view of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. On the menu, you can get lobster mac and cheese, sliders, tacos, and a lot more. Everything is made to order. There are also fish and chips, fish platters, and chowders to choose from.

18. Beach Bar and Grill Restaurant in Dubai

beach Bar and Grill Restaurant in Dubai

The Beach Bar & Grill is on the beautiful beach of One & Only Royal Mirage. It serves grilled seafood, Mediterranean dishes, and oysters that have just been shucked. In other words, you have to choose a private table on the sand and listen to the waves. Crashing up against the shore for a truly romantic experience. Some of the best seafood dishes are the Argentinian rib-eye, sea bream fillet, wild giant prawns, and grilled octopus, which are brought to the table in cast iron pans from the open kitchen’s wood-fired Parilla. Lastly, if you want something spicy, the Peruvian aji is a good choice. It is made with habanero red chili, concasse tomatoes, coriander, green onion, and olive oil.

19. Pepper Crab Restaurant Dubai

Pepper Crab Restaurant Dubai

Pepper crab is all about real Singaporean flavors that are added to different kinds of seafood. Thus, to make a menu that you can’t stop eating. Even, you won’t be let down if you order their famous Chili Pepper crab. But that’s not the only thing that people like to order. So, if you like the spicy flavors of Asian food, this restaurant will be at the top of your list for the best seafood in Dubai. The smaller portions for kids make it a hit with families.

20. Fish Hut Seafood

Fish Hut Seafood

It is the best fresh fish restaurant in Dubai in Oud Metha because it has a good ambiance, a royal feel, and the smell of delicious dishes. They have a list of carefully chosen chefs who know how to cook fish and other special foods. Similarly, at the Oud Metha fish restaurant, they use traditional ways to mix certain spices to make high-quality, delicious food.

21. Sardina Seafood Restaurant


The Sardina Seafood Restaurant sells fresh fish and crabs on ice. A varied seafood in Dubai, interesting desserts, and a nice atmosphere. The food is delicious and you surely eat nonstop. Meanwhile, the cooking style is also all great. The restaurant offers a variety of fish and cooking instructions. We had wonderful hummus and fried sardines.

22. The Fish House Restaurant

The Fish House Restaurant Dubai

The Fish House is proud to offer an authentic dining experience and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Mainly, it is inspired by local customs and the ease of searching carefully for the freshest fish and shellfish. In short, we know the fact that different people have different tastes. They respond to them by personally preparing your daily catch, giving you an honest and straightforward seafood in Dubai. What makes us stand out is that a wide range of fresh, high-quality seafood treats from the ocean.

23. Rockfish Restaurant in Dubai

Rockfish Restaurant in Dubai

Rockfish is a Mediterranean seafood restaurant in Jumeirah Al Naseem. Diners can start with roasted langoustine with lentil puree or tuna tartare with crispy saffron rice. For the main course, they can choose between slow-cooked goat for 36 hours or line-caught sea bass with artichoke and lemon emulsion. Eventually, you come here for a seafood buffet feast in a place with dreamy views and a holiday feel. The inside is all white and silver. And similarly, if you want to treat yourself, you can order their chef’s selection, which has thinly sliced, freshly caught fish marinated in oil, lemon, and a variety of spices. This place to eat has everything, from hand-made pasta to fresh fish and grills.

24. Tulum Restaurant

Tulum Restaurant

You can enjoy the great tastes and colors of Tulum at The Dubai Mall. Basically, Tulum finds the best ways to make food to please even the pickiest customers who want to try traditional dishes from many different countries. The team is proud to share the best of Mexican food as seafood restaurants in Dubai. Chocolate, tomato, avocado, corn, and many different kinds of chilies are all native to Mexico. They will all be in our meals in a dance of flavors that will take you all over the country.


Q: Where can I find the best seafood buffets in Dubai?

Some of the best seafood buffets in Dubai are Tulum Restaurant, Alici Restaurant Dubai, The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill and many others in the mentioned above list. If you’re looking for a cheap place to eat out, Day & Night Restaurant and Terrace has a seafood-themed night dinner every Friday.

Q: What are some of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai to eat crab?

Crab Market and Seagrill Bistro are some of the best places in Dubai to get delicious crab.

Q: Which Dubai seafood place should you try?

It really depends on a lot of things, like what you like or whether the seafood restaurant is close to the residence you bought from.

Q: How does Tulum Dubai Restaurant care your food?

The crew wants you to try unusual flavors. Additionally, learn about what Mexico has brought to the world of gourmet food. The people who work at Tulum Dubai put a lot of care into the food they make. When you visit, you can look at their portfolio of tasty dishes that are sure to get your attention.

To summarize, if you are looking for the Best Seafood restaurants in Dubai, this is a special coverage of the Seafood restaurants in Dubai. Each restaurant has special coverage of the best Seafood. Lastly, we always provide you with in-depth knowledge of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai. Happy seafood meals!

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