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Top 10 fishing yachts in Dubai

By Alex Smith -29 January, 2022

Dubai is not only famous for its beaches and ports. The barren land is transformed into a beautiful landscape. Its modern architecture attracts tourists and locals as well. Whether one is going to shop for a favorite brand or he’s here for vacation, the city fulfills each need. Dubai is full of adventurous activities apart from just visiting different places. Moreover, from the thrilling jeep rides to the deep-sea adventures, waiting for you.

In past, fishing was taken as a profession in Dubai. Still, now it is one of the favorite activities, in which people love to get engaged. Dubai is situated on the shoreline so it’s the best place for enjoying the activity with great interest. Now the question arises of how to go to Deepsea Dubai fishing. The best way to fully enjoy the activity is to book a yacht. There are no separate fishing yachts, actually smaller boats or yachts serve the best. The yachts ranging from 33 ft to 90 ft is the best one for fishing activity.

Yacht Charter Dubai

How to plan for the fishing onboard?

Some key facts are necessary to follow when you have to go fishing.

  • Choose the best yacht for fishing and ensure about all the amenities or food etc.
  • You have to be fresh while you are coming fishing. So, get a good sleep the night before.
  • Pack all the gear if you have to take it along with you.
  • Don’t forget to have some snacks and water with you.
  • Put sunscreen also.
  • Wear clothes accordingly. Have something comfortable on you as it can disturb you while fishing.
  • Remember to capture the beautiful moments of the Sea.

Everyone searches for the best fishing yacht. Here is the answer to a problem regarding the selection of the appropriate yacht. Following are some yachts that are best in town and suitable for fishing as well. 

Choose the best yacht for fishing

From a wide range of yachts, it’s not easy to decide which yacht to charter for fishing. We make your search more precise. Let’s get to know our fishing yachts. Here are the top 10 best of the bucket list:

50 ft Riva yacht

50 ft riva yacht

Mala yachts have 50 ft Riva yacht which is perfect for family gatherings and water activities like fishing. The yacht has 2 cabins which are styled with great attention. The elegant and modern layout makes it different from the rest. Moreover, the beautiful view from the front sun deck attracts the guests. It is one of the best fishing yachts. A small group of 18 people can enjoy themselves on the yacht. Furthermore, we provide proper fishing facilities to the customers. The crew members also serve their best while you are having fun. A storage container for fish is also available in the yacht on demand.

Hatteras GT 45X

Hatteras GT 45X

The yacht of size around 45 ft is one of the best sportfishing yachts. The design of the yacht suits the route in the deep sea as well. There is the proper sitting arrangement and the accessories according to the requirement for fishing. The captain and crew help in the activity if you need it. Hatteras GT 45X provides the guests the opportunity to praise the beautiful Dubai coastal areas. Therefore, the soothing breeze in the early morning refreshes you and makes the time spent on the yacht memorable for you.

33 ft Cruiser 

33 ft Cruiser 

Mala yachts offer an exclusive yacht of size 33 ft yacht for fishing activity. The small group of friends or family having 12 guests can enjoy fishing on it. The sleek design attracts tourists to enjoy the spectacular view of the sea. There is an Air-condition cabin for the guests to relax. Proper refreshment facilities can be availed on demand. The sunrise looks more fascinating when you are in the mid-sea and indulge in fishing. You can have a live BBQ of the fish that you have caught. Some people come around every weekend or on monthly basis. We don’t compromise on any kind of facility for our customers.

Yacht Charter Dubai

Virgo yacht

virgo yacht dubai

No yacht can match the Virgo yacht which is offered by mala yachts. Its 88 ft size and motor yacht flybridge are the perfect combo for the best fishing experience. No matter if you are an expert in fishing or you are coming to have fun with friends. The crew manages all the things properly. A professional can be added to the package for beginners if they want to learn some fishing facts. Our guest’s satisfaction is the most important to us. We offer live BBQ of the fish you catch so you can enjoy that.

Gugu boat

gugu boat dubai

Mala yachts has 78 ft size Gugu boat Dubai in the bucket list which is a perfect luxurious fishing boat. A Group of friends, family, or colleagues can spare a day from the workplace. Fishing proves to be the best stress-relieving activity. Try something different style with a large open area. Mesmerizing 360° view will stun the customers. The beautiful interior and the spacious area allow the friends to enjoy more and do fishing with more concern. Our style and comfort don’t deal with any kind of compromise to the guest’s satisfaction. We always make sure the guests feel safe and satisfied with us.

Release 46’

Release 46’ yacht

When you are in mid-sea, the design of the yacht masters. The choppy design of release 46’ proves it the best fishing boat. The luxury feels while fishing makes the activity more interesting. The equipment for fishing onboard is of the best quality to provide a competitive experience. One more great quality of the respective boat is, it’s fuel efficient.

Captains Queen

captains queens

A gathering of friends and family can enjoy the 44 ft captains queen yacht. It offers the best fishing experience to the guests. Stunning design and interior make the guests crave it. The yacht suits perfect for any private gathering of friends and family. Proper facilities are available onboard for fishing. All the gears are available to the customers if they are on the list. Guests will love the comfortable environment and the cooperative crew members onboard.

48 ft majesty 

majesty yacht

48 ft majesty is perfectly designed to cater to the fishing activity in a small group. The sport fishing yacht has all the amenities required for fishing. The spacious area offers a storage box for fish and all the accessories required for you. We make sure to provide the best services to the guests and make them satisfied. Mala yacht assures you that you will have the best time onboard. The fishing experience gives you an everlasting memory. Therefore, book the yacht and experience the real feeling of fishing.

75 ft yacht 

75 ft yacht

The 75 ft yacht size and eye-catching interior give a lavish look to you and your pals while fishing. The open sun deck offers great comfort while enjoying the activity. We offer you the mind-blowing experience of fishing even if you are a beginner. Our crew will manage a professional for you and your friends so they can enjoy this fun water activity. You can learn fishing techniques and have a live BBQ onboard. The trained chef will cater the service. The taste of the fish will drag you to us again.

Bertram 35 Flybridge sportfish 

Bertram 35 Flybridge sportfish

The best way to enjoy the deep-sea experience and fishing at the same time is to book a perfect vessel for the purpose. No doubt Bertram 35 proves one of the best ones from the list. Furthermore, the beautiful rug and interior make it a luxurious one. There is proper arrangement for the families as well. We offer convenient services so that you can not only enjoy fishing but also relax afterward.

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What is the period of the fishing yacht?

4-hour cruising time is fixed but it can be modified according to the demand. 

Can I wear shoes onboard while fishing?

No, for safety purposes you have to remove the shoes. As the sensitive floor doesn’t allow the guests to move safely with shoes.

Which things should I bring while coming fishing?

Don’t forget to have your identity card and license of fishing (if you have one) along with you.

Is the food included in my fishing package?

No food is available in the fishing package unless you add it to the list.

Do you provide all the gear for fishing onboard?

Yes, if the guests are not getting the gear along with them then all the equipment is available to the guests. All the extra things are then added to the package.

What to wear while fishing onboard?

As the activity is in the middle of the sea. Sun shines brightly and can make you tan. Thus, try to cover yourself and wear comfortable clothes to avoid any kind of problem.

Do I need a fishing license onboard?

Yes, if you have the license then keep it with you. In case, you don’t have it then discuss it with the yacht owner and take help.

Which specie I could catch if I am a beginner?

Some willing biters are bluegill, rainbow trout, and sunfish.

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