Announcing the Launch of our New Website: Mala Yachts

Last Updated On August 29, 2023

Posted By Hisham

We here at MalaYachts were super busy developing a new website and to totally revamp our brands’ marketing position.
Our developers and designers had done an extremely wonderful job and finally, we are delighted to announce the launch of the new website. The new website is available under the same URL:


Website Mala Yachts

We have not just added a modern look to our website but also added handfuls of other features.


Contact Numbers

There was only one contact number that we had on the website and most of the time guests find our number engaged, and we here at MalaYachts has now added one more contact number. So now no waiting time while you calling to book your yacht.

Contact Numbers

Most Rented Yacht

Most of the time guests ask about the most rented yacht out of our fleet. And with years of experience, we have found that 50 Feet yacht is our most rented yacht. We now put this yacht on our website home page.

Most Rented Yacht

One Website & All Devices

Our old website has different versions for different devices. And most of the time we were having trouble in updating different versions.
Our new website is responsive and behaves similarly on all devices and mobile phones.

Yacht fleet enhanced for the large audience group

Celebrating an event with a lot of guests is always entertaining. The most delightful and great thing about having celebrations at yachts is just it takes you to sea level is far from the daily routine, traffic, audience, and personal matters as well and gives you total relaxation, but it was a great problem for our guest to find a large yacht for bigger events. Now you can throw a large party consist of 200 guests at our 155 Feet yacht. This yacht is extraordinarily beautiful.

Enhanced Website Navigation

We were looking for the problems of our website, and we perceived that our guests were having problems with navigating the website. After the update of our website, we have enhanced our navigation system, and it’s now quite easy to see yachts, additional offers, and cruise route maps.

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