When is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

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Dubai is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. It has beautiful beaches, high-end shopping malls, and lively nightlife. It is a popular travel destination because it has sunny weather and warm temperatures all year long. One can also visit the Islands of Dubai by yacht rental. But what is the best time of year to go to Dubai?

In this post, we’ll talk about the different times of year and events that happen in Dubai. Thus, to help you decide when to go and choose the best time to visit Dubai.

When are the Most People Visiting Dubai?

best time to visit dubai

From November to March, when the weather is nice and mild and temperatures range from the mid-20s to the low-30s Celsius, most tourists visit Dubai. During this time, people can enjoy outdoor activities and events even though it’s not as hot as it is in the summer.

This time of year also falls around the holidays in many places, making it a popular time for people from other countries to visit Dubai.

But this also means that the city can get very busy during this time, with more tourists and higher hotel prices. Visitors should plan to book places to stay and things to do well ahead of the best time to visit Dubai to avoid being disappointed.

Also, popular places like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain can get very busy during peak season, so it’s best to plan ahead and get there early to avoid long lines.

Still, Dubai is a popular tourist spot all year long, with a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities and events for people of all interests. There’s always something to see and do in Dubai, whether you want to soak up the sun on a beach. Also, learn about the city’s rich culture and history, or shop and eat at world-class places. Thus, they all make the best time to go to Dubai.

Dubai’s Weather

Dubai is in a desert, so the summers are hot and the winters are mild. When it comes to the weather, the best time to visit Dubai is between November and April. When it is cooler and easier to do things outside, during this time, the daytime temperatures range from the mid-70s to the mid-80s Fahrenheit.

Eventually, at night, they can drop to the mid-50s. During the summer, from May to September, temperatures can reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit and are often very hot and humid.

Peak Season in Dubai-October to May

People come from all over the world to visit Dubai, and the busiest time is from October to May. This is when the weather is at its best, and many events and festivals take place. For instance, the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Food Festival, and Dubai Jazz Festival.

Hotels may charge more during this time, so it’s best to book early to get the best deals. It’s also a good idea to plan your trip ahead of time. Since many attractions and events can get crowded during this time. Thus, it is the best time to visit Dubai

Dubai’s Low Season-June to September

From June to September, when temperatures are at their highest and humidity levels can be very uncomfortable, Dubai is in its low season. But if you can handle the heat, you can get great deals on hotel rooms and flights during this time.

There are also a lot of things to do and see inside. Eventually, it includes Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Aquarium. If you want a quieter and cheaper vacation, you might think the best time to visit Dubai is during the low season.

Dubai’s Shoulder Season

Between October and November and April and May, Dubai has its shoulder season. At this time, the weather is starting to get cooler, and hotel prices are lower than they were during the high season. This is a good time to go if you want to avoid crowds and still have nice weather. During this time, there are also a lot of events and festivals, like the Dubai International Film Festival and the Dubai World Cup.

Dubai’s Festivals and Events

best time to visit dubai

Dubai is known for its world-class events and festivals. Adding on, there is always something going on there all year long. Here are some of Dubai’s most well-known events that ultimately make your mind about the best time to visit Dubai:


The Dubai Shopping Festival

This event is a month-long event that takes place in January and February and offers discounts and deals on shopping, dining, and entertainment.

The Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Food Festival

Usually, this event takes place in February and March and has events like tastings, competitions, and cooking classes that are all about food. This three-day festival takes place in February and has jazz artists from all over the world.

The Dubai Food Festival

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup is one of the richest horse races in the world. It takes place in March and is one of the best times to go to Dubai. The Dubai World Cup will be on March 25, 2023. The $12 million purses at the Dubai World Cup make it one of the most important horse races in the world. It takes place at the Meydan Racecourse and is a must-see for anyone who likes horse racing.

Dubai World Cup

Dubai International Film Festival

The Dubai International Film Festival is held in December and has movies from all over the world and the Middle East. The Middle East Film and Comic Con is a well-known event that celebrates movies, TV shows, comics, and video games, among other things.

Dubai International Film Festival

Dubai International Boat Show

The Dubai International Boat Show is the largest and most prestigious boat show in the Middle East. It draws exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. So, it is also a reason for the best time to visit Dubai

Dubai International Boat Show

Art Dubai

Art Dubai is one of the most important modern art events in the area. Artists from all over the world show their work, give talks, and perform at this event.

Art Dubai

Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship

The Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship is a prestigious event that shows off the beauty and grace of purebred Arabian horses.

Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship

Taste of Dubai

It is a food festival that brings together some of the best restaurants and chefs in the city. People can try food from all over the world and watch chefs cook.

Taste of Dubai

Dubai Lynx

Dubai Lynx is a festival of creativity that honors the best advertising, marketing, and communications from the Middle East and North Africa. Different investors and business companies visit Dubai in March. So, according to them, this festival makes them one of the best times to go to Dubai

Dubai Lynx

Dubai International Kite Festival

The Dubai International Kite Festival is a fun and colorful event where people from all over the world fly kites of all shapes and sizes.

Dubai International Kite Festival

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is a celebration of books and writing. Authors from all over the world give talks, teach workshops, and sign books. Thus, this event can mark Dubai as one of the best times to visit Dubai

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

The Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC)

GISEC is the biggest event in the region about information security. It displays and talks about the latest developments in cybersecurity.

The Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC)

Can you visit Dubai during Ramadan?

Yes, you can go to Dubai during Ramadan, but it’s important to know about the cultural and religious rules that are in place.

The Month of Spiritual Lives

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, and all Muslims around the world think of it as a holy month. During this time, Muslims don’t eat, drink, smoke, or take care of other physical needs from sunrise to sunset. The goal of the fast is to get people to be more self-disciplined, think more deeply about their spiritual lives, and feel more connected to other people.

You have to Respect Traditions

As a tourist in Dubai during Ramadan, it’s important to respect these traditions and not eat, drink, or smoke in public during the day. This means not eating or drinking during the day in public places like restaurants, cafes, or shopping malls. Being a Muslim, you can say it is one of the best times to visit Dubai. But many hotels and restaurants may have special places where people who aren’t Muslim can eat during the day.

Dress Modestly and Avoid Displays of Affection

During this time, it’s also essential to dress modestly and avoid public displays of affection, which are considered rude in Muslim culture. During Ramadan, some stores and attractions may have different hours, so it’s important to find out ahead of time.

Enjoy Dubai with Special Ramadan-Themed Events

Some people may think that going to Dubai during Ramadan will make it hard to enjoy the city’s sights, but many of the city’s shopping malls, restaurants, and tourist sites stay open and have special Ramadan-themed events and activities. In fact, some visitors find that the city is quieter and more reflective at this time, which gives them a unique and authentic cultural experience.

Overall, people can visit Dubai during Ramadan. It is the best time to go to Dubai. But they should be aware of local customs and plan their trip accordingly to make sure they have a good time and don’t break any rules.

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The best time to visit Dubai is usually between November and March when the weather is mild and nice.

During the busy season, temperatures in Dubai range from the mid-20s to the low-30s Celsius and are mild and pleasant.

Yes, it can be cheaper to go to Dubai when it’s not the high season because hotels and flights may be less expensive. But visitors should know that the weather in the summer can be hot and sticky. Meanwhile, it can be the best time to go to Dubai

During the summer (June to August), it can get very hot and humid in Dubai, with temperatures often going above 40 degrees Celsius.

From December to February, the weather in Dubai is mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from the mid-20s to the low-30s Celsius.

Dubai hosts a number of popular events and festivals during its busy season. These include the Dubai International Boat Show, the Dubai World Cup, Art Dubai, and the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, among others. Thus, making it one of the best times to go to Dubai

With a low crime rate and a large police force, Dubai is usually a safe city to visit. But tourists should be aware that pickpocketing and other small crimes can happen in busy tourist areas.

During the best time to go to Dubai and the busy season, visitors to Dubai can enjoy many outdoor activities, such as beach activities, desert safaris, dune bashing, and hot air balloon rides.

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