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From Malayachtsdubai.com to Malayachts.ae

Last Updated On September 25, 2022

Posted By Alex Smith

Change is always good. With this firm belief, Malayachtsdubai.com has transformed into Malayachts.ae. Since its inception, the company had been active under the name MalaYachtsdubai.com which has now turned into Malayachts.ae. There is not any big secret hidden behind this change but only care and ease for privileged clients. The only purpose for modification in the name is easier remembrance and recalling. Behind the success and dynamic development of Malayachts.ae stands its customer-oriented approach.


The change in the company’s name to Mala Yacht is an important milestone in the history of the company. It reflects our commitment to our work and expertise in driving the innovations that go beyond our current offerings. As an ISO Certified Yacht Charter Company, Mala Yachts has been facilitating its reputed customers with unparalleled services and this move is beneficial for energizing external customer base.

The beginning of most business introductions starts with the name but the long and difficult name can cause trouble in brand recognition. The name can be a badge of honor or a haunting shadow. A short, unique, and memorable name enables a company to stand out from the wide range of competitors. Along with attention to every detail and privileged lifestyle of incomparable luxury, our customer-oriented approach led us to think about the change in name. A number of clients who have been facilitating our services were observed facing difficulty in remembering our name and it could become a hindrance in our company’s success. We felt the fear of losing some of our customers and to overcome this problem we considered a shift in the company’s name.

The name change is also a part of a re-branding initiative to better align the company’s name with its future strategy. Mala Yachts has been a company with a culture of rapid evolution and announcement. The change in the name indicates a strategy for consistent progress in the coming years. Though the company’s name has changed, the core value of providing the customers with unparalleled services with professionalism is still the same. Experience yachting in an exceptional way!

Mala Yachts official Press Release: Mala Yachts Dubai Announces Domain Name Change to MalaYachts.ae

By Alex Smith

Alex Smith is an arts, culture and travel writer with a passion to observe different cultures and exploring new places. That took him around the globe and finally decided to make Dubai his new home in 2011. Associated with Mala Yachts as an author Alex shares his experience of being a nomad and giving guidelines to travel efficiently to those who want to embark on the journey of World exploration

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