History of Yacht Charter in Dubai

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A yacht charter is a process of renting a motor yacht for a vacation or sometimes a corporate event to travel to various coastal destinations. The first yacht charter company in the world was established in 1949 to pay a visit to neighbor islands.

In the 1960s, people in Dubai used Rowing Abras. These were small wooden boats with rowing oars. In 1973, Motor Yacht Dubai Shadow was constructed. It was made as a fishing boat by Japanese industry and owned by Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In the 1980s, this was improved into a motorized Abra which ran on a motor. In 1996, a yacht charter by the name Benetti 50 was introduced by Benetti in Viareggio (Italy). It had a sophisticated exterior and a luxurious interior. By 2002, another project known as Guy Couach 120 had been started. The focus of this yacht was speed and luxury. It contained air conditions, CDs, DVD library and TVs. In 2006, a motor yacht was made for the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It was a very luxurious yacht that was launched in 2006 but its construction started more than 10 years before it launched. The construction was delayed until 2001. Aicon 72 was built in 2009 to facilitate people on vacations in many areas including Dubai.

History of Yacht Charter

Abra (Arabic: عبرة‎ abra) is a traditional boat made of wood. Source: wikipedia.org By 2012, traditional Abra had been invented that could carry more people and had two routes. Later, Electrical Abras were created, characterized as environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Today, water bus service and water taxi service are also being provided. As Dubai advanced in its water transportation, a service for vacations and corporate meeting also took place. It was the service of yacht charter. It is a source of entertainment for people. Beautifully designed yachts give visitors a wonderful experience.

The list of the world’s fastest-growing cities also includes Dubai. Each year Dubai experiences thousands of tourists from all over the globe. These tourists also include people coming over for business-related purposes. Dubai is a large consumer market, thus it attracts businesses and investments. Dubai is a beautiful city with many attractions for tourists (Free things to do in Dubai). It has an astonishing coast. People come from all over the world for a memorable experience. Day by day, investors are becoming eager to contribute to businesses in Dubai. As marine transport has developed so much, developing yacht charters in Dubai is a strategy for profit-maximization. As Dubai has a gorgeous infrastructure chartering awes people over its landmarks. Many tourists are also interested in experiencing something like a sunset. So, the large number of people vacationing at Dubai like to create memories. Spending a day on a yacht is considered a good way to spend a day.

yachts in Dubai

There are many companies providing yacht on rents or larger yacht going for a few hours’ trips. In such a place competition is strong. Thus, these companies look for ways to develop their yacht designs, strategies, and lower prices to gain the most profit. Also, by providing safety precautions companies attract more customers. Good yacht companies also provide gourmet food to people.

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Dubai is a world leader in enterprising and modernization, which has led to success. This is what distinguishes Dubai from other cities. Dubai is the best platform for generating business ideas and implementing them. Over the past few years, Dubai has become a platform where investment and business flourish. Trading and tourism have become an important part of Dubai’s success. (Maktoum: 2013)


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