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Kickoff your New Year with these Unique Yacht Party Themes

By Alex Smith -24 November, 2017

Since New Year is just around the corner, you probably have had all your plans gathered for a party to start the year with all its glory. A new year’s party on a yacht is what should be on the top of your priority list because there is no other party like a yacht party. Sailing onboard making all your new year’s resolutions and planning for a nice year ahead with a bunch of close friends and family is definitely what we totally recommend you to sign up for. This is the best way to start a new chapter of your life and close the previous ones.

A yacht party that too a themed one is going to be the best luxurious party ever. Read along to find out some amazing yacht party theme ideas and plan on your party right after you finish.

Hollywood Party

This is going to be absolutely a bomb. Plan out a Hollywood-themed party. Start with looking for a good mega yacht to begin with. The bigger the yacht, the more guests you will be able to invite and entertain. Decorate the yacht as per the theme and dress up as your favorite star. End the day with a small awards ceremony giving awards to people according to their personality.

90’s Party

This is one of the most tried-out themes yet never goes over-rated. A party with a theme based on 90’s is all about bringing together fun and entertainment. Ask all the guests you are intending to invite to dress up as a 90’s person. Decorate the yacht as per the theme and include games related to it as well. 90’s party on a sailing boat has its own rewards. Get all your friends onboard and kill the party!

Arabian culture themed party

One of the most unique and new ideas include Arabian culture theme. This calls for a full Arabic cuisine, Arabic costume, and traditional Arabic belly dance. You can also organize some good traditional games to brighten up your party even more. To double the fun, pick a location as per the theme. Go for a yacht charter Dubai

A party is always the best way to bring people together and share a moment of bliss. However, a yacht party doubles the fun and excitement and upgrades your party to the next level. Yacht parties are amazing if they are done right. To enjoy the best yacht party ever, check out Mala Yachts which gives you the best yacht party Dubai deals.

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