Largest boat “Galactica Super Nova” launched by Heesen Yachts

Last Updated On August 29, 2023

Posted By Hisham

Heesen Yachts has introduced its largest boat “the 229-feet Galactica Super Nova” to the world. Heesen Yachts is based in the Netherlands and developed this largest boat under the code name Project Kometa last month.

New Galactica Star is the largest one of all its previous designs launched by Heesen Yachts. The largest boat is a praise-worthy master piece. It is speedy, sporty and one of the fastest of its size. Maintaining the standard of Heesen Yachts, that has established the fast-displacement-hull technology to build yachts, this ‘stunning success’ can reach a top speed of 30 knots.

haseen yacht

The main features of largest ship include a spacious main deck, six staterooms, a spiraling central staircase and elevator. Main deck features a glass-bottomed swimming pool permitting natural light to stream into the beach club below thus creating a wonderful picturesque view. Mega yacht also have a touch-and-go helipad that doubles as an outdoor cinema with a pop-up movie screen.

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The super luxury yacht Super Nova can accommodate up to 12 guests and have variety of tenders, toys and amphibious Quadski for Yachters to have fun on water and land too during day trips. The Interior of yacht is splendidly designed show case with the use of leather, wood and steel. Its fast speed, big size and marvelous design have made it super-dreamy. The boat will be delivered to the owners this year in month of May after test-cruise in the North Sea and then will take part in Monaco Yacht Show of this year


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