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Top 3 Conceptual Yacht Designs

By Alex Smith -29 January, 2016

There can be observed new and innovative yacht designs introduced every year. Every year enthusiastic designers from all over the world come up with new and edgy conceptual designs of the yachts. The innovative concepts and ideas invite the people who always look to catch something unique to stir their souls. The unique designs unleash the creative flair and individualism of the yacht companies and designers. Check out the top 3 cool conceptual designs of yachts.

Tropical Island Yacht

Tropical Island yacht

Floating tropical paradise is the latest breakthrough project with all the comforts and amenities to live fully on-board. In ancient times people tend to move towards yachts in order to reach the islands but creative designers have constructed tropical paradise island on the yacht. Now people can sail into the sea on their own very floating island featuring palm trees and deck chairs. The yacht features towering volcano with a cascading waterfall which feeds the pool in the yacht. The dreaming yacht is a combination of pure beauty, innovative design, and functionality. Inside the huge tropical volcano, there is a cinema, game room, gym, library and salon for the spa. The lavish liner also has a landing pad, swimming pool, and a huge bar.

Yacht Rental Dubai


Why yacht

Why by Wally and Hermes is an exciting project that redefines the art of living on the sea? The exciting vessel ‘Why’ that doubles as an island are a result of a collaboration between Parisian fashion House Hermes and Monaco Yacht brand Wally. Why offers a new way of sailing over water with a built-in bench. The unique boat has a swimming pool, cinema, music room, dining room, and a beach. The dream of the people to live on a beautiful island in complete freedom without constraint can come true through moving island Why.

Paper Boat


The creative Paper Boat has won the hearts of many people which is built by a trio of young Italian designers. The concept of the Paper Boat is inspired by paper boats of the kids and is in the shape of the paper toy. The boat features the glass pyramidal structure, two cabins with elegant seating, seagull wing walls and a bar. The simplicity of creative Paper Boat is worth praising.

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