How to Dress for a Yacht Party

Last Updated On July 28, 2023

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Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world, renowned for its exclusive and palatial hotels, resorts, dining, yacht charter, entertainment, as well as other venues. In such a prosperous city, there is no better way than yacht party in Dubai. Be it a staff party, any occasion, or just a gathering with your friends, you would want to nail your yacht party outfit as well as your overall look.

Dubai allows you have a good time with your friends and family on a yacht. One way to enjoy being outdoors is to party on a yacht. These parties offer you an experience like no other. If you also want to host your yacht party Dubai, the best option for you is yacht booking in Dubai.

Rent a yacht with complete flexibility which means you will not have all the responsibilities that come with owning one. At this kind of party, get an unforgettable experience while enjoying scenic views. Before reading a full-fledged guide on what to wear to a yacht party, let’s have a deeper look at some of the significant perks of renting a yacht for your party in Dubai.

You get a stunning view

When you or your friends arrange a yacht party with a yacht rental in Dubai, you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of Dubai. Unlike in an indoor location, a yacht offers you outdoor access. Get a 360-degree panoramic view of the coastline from the deck. You can also select to lounge inside the yacht getting the best of both worlds. Enjoy the best ambiance and amenities for getting a top-notch experience.

Adequate space

Yachts come in various sizes. You can settle on a yacht that suits your budget as well as a guest list. For instance, if there are 500 guests on your list, you may go with a grand-sized yacht that can hold them comfortably. Such yachts tend to have decks, providing enough space for everyone in order to enjoy yacht parties at night themselves as well as even walk around. The yacht rental Dubai has a dance area, washrooms, as well as swimming pool.

Suitable for various occasions

Yacht rental Dubai are versatile making them an ideal destination for hosting various types of parties and events. Enjoy the birthday parties, weddings, product launches, and corporate events on the yacht. The event planner will create varying themes according to your taste and regal décor. Yachts offers you modern amenities with full convenience. Ultimately, get more than a perfect aesthetic. Bring your party out from a hotel conference center because a yacht undoubtedly offers the best experience.

You can choose your location

Once you have come up with a complete guest list, now it’s time to choose a suitable yacht rental company in order to act as your party venue. Whether the guest is hundreds or fewer, Mala yacht rental Dubai offers you opulence, the only difference will be the scale. The number of indoor and outdoor lounges areas, as well as decks, vary.

A reputable yacht rental company will be able to customize services according to your needs. Rental yachts are versatile and easily customizable as well as the perfect venue for your party. Moreover, you can also request to go to a preferred location, your captain will at times recommend the best spots.

What to wear to a yacht party?

yacht party dress

Partying and having a luxurious experience on a yacht is the dream of many people. When you’re around, you want to be appropriately dressed in order to have your best time. Your overall look plays a significant role in how much comfort you have to move around and enjoy yourself. We have offered you the best yacht party dressing ideas. These are some helpful suggestions in the various attire categories.

  • The dress code

While attending a yacht party, less is more. Women must try sticking to flowy dresses, midi summer dresses, and jumpsuits that can be the best choice for you. It’ll be best to choose comfortable flowy pants. As for men, go with cotton shirts paired with tailored shorts. Long-sleeved shirts are versatile, roll the arms up during the day and down.
For the Dubai yacht party dress code, being ultra-casual can be an option, fit in with the formal dining nights with ease. Make sure to pack in formal dresses along with your versatile travel wardrobe. Yachts tend to have more casual nights, but according to the cruise dress code doesn’t mean sloppy. For those who are not sure of the level of sophistication, the cruise travel agency is the best place to find out more.

Dress Code for Women

yacht outfit

If you are thinking about what kind of evening dress is best for yacht party outfit female, yacht parties offer you to put on an evening gown. It would be best to choose a boat party outfit female making you feel great. On most yacht parties, a graceful dress is suitable. For women who do not feel comfortable wearing a formal dress, a sleeveless lace gown is the right choice. A dress is acceptable as long as it goes with the surroundings of the party. Moreover, a stylish blouse and dress pants also fit as well.

Enhance your look with some ornaments. Most women do not like to wear too much jewelry while traveling. But sometimes, ornaments will help you make many types of attire look attractive. It is suggested to select something classy and elegant.

Dress Code for Men

men outfit for yacht

On some yachts where the evening comes first, a tuxedo can be a suitable dress for formal party evenings. Occasionally, a good-looking and well-cut boat party outfit male will fit in well. Garb a tie, men more or less go with a bow on yacht parties. Boat shoes are the shoes of choice for male cruisers, a sign of smartness. Get your travel plan in order to see if there is a need to wear your jacket as yacht party outfit male for the formal night.


Your footwear is one of the essential parts of your overall look at a yacht party. When you are on a yacht, it would be best to avoid wearing heels. Opt for comfortable yacht party shoes while onboard, recommended mainly for your safety. Furthermore, depending on the event, sneakers or boat shoes work fine for the gents. Ladies gravitate towards sandals, flats, or classy flip-flops, depending on the outfits. Whichever footwear you select, make sure they are comfortable and light on your feet in order to avoid slipping and getting injured.


As mentioned above, you want to keep everything elegant for your boat party attire. When accessorizing, it would be best to go with at least one or two accessories. These accessories must be functional as you never go wrong with a wide-brimmed hat as well as classic sunglasses. It will also protect you from harsh UV rays and feels you look suave at the same time. If you are a woman, add some chic statement earrings in order to take your look to the next level. Remember this if you want to have a great day on the yacht party at Dubai Marina:

  • Your towel
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Your swimming costumes
  • A change of clothes

Even though it’s not required, changing into a new outfit is highly recommended. On a boat, anything may happen, so it’s best to have extra dry clothes just in case.

Other clothing and extra equipment

If you want to throw your party during the winter. In such cases, you and your guests need extra layers of clothes or sweaters in order to remain comfortable. When everyone is freezing, it sets the precedence for an unpleasant experience. You can catch a cold or, worse, a chest infection. In the summer, you can carry some lip balm and sunscreen, ask your guests to do the same. It will help a lot to protect your skin from sunburns and dryness.

Yacht parties are fun and more people are starting for appreciating the yachting lifestyle in Dubai. With everything, have a great time at your special event/ celebration. Talk to your rental company on the days leading to the event if you want success. Dressing well is essential and make sure to keep everything simple, leaving the suits and ball gowns for onshore venues.

A boat cruise or boat party is like stepping into another dimension. You will soon discover the realm of unlimited freedom, with its cool ocean breezes and boundless oceanic horizons. Soak in the sun and enjoy the refreshing water of the ocean as you reflect on the splendors of the beach. When you’re on a boat with your loved ones, it instantly feels more exotic and relaxing. Make the most of your time on the water by creating some truly priceless memories.

Wearing on A Cruise Evening Party

When you are thinking over on what to wear for a yacht party, better choose wisely. Denim Shorts, T-shirts and other swimming costumes are not a good choice. Never forget your hair, and maybe you would like to have it fashioned for this cruise party Dubai Marina. Don’t wear logo outfits. If you are not feeling cold, taking off the pullover it can bring more charm.

Show the Crew Respect

It seems easy to get caught up in a yacht party, it doesn’t excuse you from being polite as well as having patience with the workers. The crew works tirelessly in order to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. It is essential to treat them with the same amount of respect as any other high-class establishment. It means, speaking to them politely after you make a request. If there is any issue with one of the crew members, it’s essential that you go straight to the captain. Attempting to resolve the issue can cause an altercation that can also end up with you in legal trouble.

If You’re Satisfied- Leave a Tip

If you’re satisfied with the services, it’s customary to leave a tip for the crew members. It’s nice to show your appreciation if you’ve enjoyed outstanding service. For example, if there’s a crew member who has brought you drinks continually, throwing some extra cash is the best way to show them- they’ve done a good job.

Moreover, if you’re not sure who to tip, the captain can handle everything for you. Feel free to leave your tip with them as they’ll sort it out.


If you show up for a boat party wearing anything that is either too casual or too dressy, you may feel like you want to jump overboard out of shame. Instead, contribute to the creation of a night that will stand out in your memory by dressing in cocktail attire. You won’t only feel comfortable, but you’ll also look fashionable.

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