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Searching for a party venue in Dubai? The city offers a plethora of party venues where you can create lasting memories and enjoy the excitement of various celebrations. Whether it’s anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, weddings, or even just a new job, parties are a must. However, choosing the perfect party venue in Dubai can be quite challenging, considering the multitude of options available. If you wish to impress your guests, hosting a yacht party would be an ideal choice. The city boasts exceptional outdoor venues such as adventure parks, upscale restaurants, and more, which are worth exploring when organizing a memorable event in Dubai. So, if you’re seeking the best party places in Dubai, these magnificent venues should not be missed.

What are the best outdoor party places in Dubai?

Choosing a party venue in Dubai offers several advantages:

Exquisite Ambiance

Party venues in Dubai offer a stunning ambiance that is hard to replicate elsewhere. From lavish ballrooms with sparkling chandeliers to rooftop venues with panoramic city views, the aesthetics of these venues are simply breathtaking.

Variety of Options

Dubai boasts a diverse range of party venues to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you prefer an elegant banquet hall, a beachfront location, or a trendy rooftop lounge, you’ll find the perfect venue that aligns with your vision.

World-Class Hospitality

Dubai is renowned for its exceptional hospitality standards. Party venues in the city prioritize guest satisfaction, providing impeccable service, attentive staff, and personalized attention to detail to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Party venues in Dubai are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to enhance your event. From advanced sound and lighting systems to modern audiovisual equipment, these venues offer the latest technology to create an immersive and engaging atmosphere.

Expert Event Planning

Many party venues in Dubai offer professional event planning and coordination services. Their experienced teams can assist you in organizing every aspect of your event, from selecting the perfect theme and decorations to curating a customized menu that caters to your guests’ preferences.

Accessibility and Infrastructure

Dubai’s excellent infrastructure and transportation network make it easy for guests to reach party venues. The city’s international airport, well-connected roads, and public transportation options ensure that attendees can navigate the city conveniently, no matter where the venue is located.

Multicultural Environment

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Choosing a party venue in Dubai allows you to celebrate with friends, family, and colleagues from around the world, creating a truly global and diverse gathering.

Unforgettable Experiences

Dubai’s party venues offer unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Whether it’s a themed event, live entertainment, interactive activities, or gourmet dining experiences, these venues strive to create lasting memories for you and your guests.

Party Venues for Kids in Dubai


KidZania Dubai

Step into a world of wonder at KidZania Dubai, where your child can unleash their imagination and explore their dream professions. From aspiring doctors to budding firefighters, KidZania offers an array of role-playing activities in a safe and interactive environment. Let your little ones embark on an adventure of learning and fun, making their birthday party a truly unforgettable experience.


Mattel Play! Town

Enter the magical world of Mattel Play! Town, where your child’s favorite characters come to life. This themed wonderland, located in City Walk, invites children to engage in imaginative play with beloved characters like Barney, Bob the Builder, and Angelina Ballerina. Let your child’s birthday party be filled with laughter, creativity, and endless fun in this enchanting venue.


Adventure Zone Dubai

If your little one is an adventure enthusiast, look no further than Adventure Zone Dubai. This thrilling venue in JBR offers a host of adrenaline-pumping activities, including rock climbing, zip-lining, and a challenging rope course. Give your child an unforgettable birthday party filled with excitement and exhilaration, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Bounce Trampoline Park

Take birthday celebrations to new heights at Bounce Trampoline Park. With multiple branches across Dubai, Bounce offers a high-energy setting where kids can bounce, flip, and leap their way to an unforgettable party. Let the laughter and joy soar as your child and their friends enjoy the thrill of trampolining in a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.


Aquaplay Party Venues

For water-loving kids, Dubai’s Aquaplay party venues are the perfect choice. These aquatic wonderlands feature thrilling water slides, splash pools, and interactive play areas that guarantee hours of endless fun. Dive into a birthday celebration like no other, where laughter and water combine to create a splashing good time.


Green Planet

Green Planet Dubai is the perfect destination for your child’s next birthday party, offering a magical rainforest experience that will spark their imagination and bring them closer to nature. Located in or near Dubai, this venue allows guests to explore bat caves, interact with snakes, meet sloths and parrots, and stroll across rope bridges while admiring the beauty of the rainforest and its cascading waterfall. Hosting a birthday party here not only provides entertainment but also educates children about nature, leaving them with lifelong memories.


Dubai Aquarium

If you’re searching for a unique birthday party venue in Dubai for your child, look no further than Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. The kids will have endless fun surrounded by a 10-million-liter tank filled with thousands of aquatic animals. With a multitude of activities to enjoy with these fascinating creatures, the children will be reluctant to leave even after the party.

Simply inform the authorities about the party, and they will arrange everything to create a memorable day for the birthday boy or girl. Celebrating their birthday with penguins, crabs, sharks, and jellyfish will be an extraordinary experience they will cherish forever.


Underwater-themed Party

Experience an unforgettable under the sea party filled with excitement and wonder. The package includes themed invitation cards, engaging party games, guided tours of the aquarium, vibrant decorations, fish feeding activities, complimentary gifts for every child, and meals. The birthday child and parents receive free entry. Please note that a minimum of 15 children is required to book this party. Additionally, you have the option to add a customized cake for an additional fee.


Sunday to Wednesday: AED 230 per child

Thursday to Saturday: AED 250 per child


Aqua Voyager Party

Embark on a thrilling Aqua Voyager Party that takes you on an enchanting journey through the aquarium. The package features themed invitation cards, engaging party games, guided tours of the aquarium, and captivating decorations. Please note that meals are not included in this package, and a minimum of 15 children is required to book the party.


Sunday to Wednesday: AED 130 per child

Thursday to Saturday: AED 150 per child


Jungle Fiesta

In Dubai, there is a truly unique kids’ party venue called Jungle Fiesta, where you are guaranteed a wild and exciting time. Whether it’s for birthdays or any other kind of celebration, this stunning venue, resembling an exotic forest, provides the perfect setting. The dedicated staff at Jungle Fiesta ensures that you and your loved ones have an unforgettable experience during your celebration.


Happy Box

Experience the magic of Happy Box, known as one of the best birthday party halls in Dubai. It has quickly become a popular destination for kid-friendly birthday parties due to its multitude of offerings. With various birthday party packages, including options like sleepovers, small magic shows, and slime fun for kids, Happy Box takes care of everything from dinner to entertainment, gifts, games, supplies, and decorations, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable celebration.


Street Maniax

For the ultimate birthday celebration, Street Maniax is the top choice in the United Arab Emirates. Their Platinum and Diamond Packages come with a private host, 1.5 hours of jumping time, cable car tours, thrilling activities, and delightful decorations. The birthday boy and their friends will enjoy dedicated dining and refreshment areas specifically arranged for the party.

When it comes to arranging a party, the venue selection is crucial. With numerous options available in Dubai, including classy restaurants, adventure parks, and stunning outdoor settings, choosing the right party venue becomes a significant task. Explore the list of cool party venues in Dubai and select the perfect one for your next celebration.

Party Venues for Adults in Dubai

Dubai boasts a variety of outdoor venues that are ideal for hosting a range of events. These outdoor party locations offer a distinctive and exquisite ambiance that is suitable for any occasion. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate gathering, or birthday celebration, an outdoor party venue in Dubai will provide an enchanting backdrop that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Organizing an outdoor party in Dubai can pose a challenge due to the year-round hot weather. However, with a bit of research, you can discover the perfect outdoor venue that meets all your needs. From amenities and activities to guest accommodations, finding the right location is essential. But fret not! You’ve landed in the right place. Here, we will provide you with information about some of the finest outdoor party venues in Dubai, ensuring you can plan a successful celebration without sweating over every little detail.

Burj Khalifa

If you’re in search of a breathtaking backdrop, look no further than the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in Dubai standing at 828 meters. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the city from the highest point, both indoors and on the outdoor patio. With its lavish decor and ample space, Burj Khalifa is an ideal choice for hosting high-profile events, accommodating both large and intimate celebrations.

The Terrace at Address Boulevard

For a stunning outdoor party venue in Dubai, look no further than The Terrace at Address Boulevard. With captivating views of the cityscape and the Dubai Fountain, this location is perfect for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Accommodating up to 350 guests, The Terrace boasts stylish decor, excellent amenities, and luxurious facilities, including a private bar, dancefloor, and DJ booth. Your guests can savor cocktails or champagne while relishing the panoramic vistas of Dubai’s glittering skyline. Equipped with Wi-Fi and a sound system, The Terrace ensures your guests remain entertained throughout the night. Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor celebration, The Terrace at Address Boulevard guarantees a memorable event.

Pool Party at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

If you seek an outdoor party venue in Dubai, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek offers an exceptional pool party option. The hotel’s expansive pool, adorned with sun loungers, allows you to bask in the sunshine while swimming or relaxing. With a nearby bar serving refreshing cocktails and light snacks, you won’t have to venture far for a refreshing drink. Conveniently located near Dubai’s main shopping district, the hotel provides ample opportunities to explore shops and restaurants if you desire a break from the sun. Furthermore, Dubai offers an array of exciting activities, from traditional dhow cruises along the creek to exploring the renowned Gold Souk. Regardless of your choice, a pool party at the Radisson Blu Hotel promises an unforgettable outdoor event.

Rooftop Bar at the W Hotel, Dubai

 The rooftop bar at Dubai’s W Hotel is a sought-after outdoor party venue in the city. Boasting breathtaking views of the city skyline and exuding a trendy and modern atmosphere, it comes as no surprise that this location is highly popular. The rooftop bar offers multiple areas to cater to various preferences, including the expansive main terrace, the inviting pool deck, and an exclusive VIP area. The main terrace, the largest section, features a dance floor, a DJ booth, and a well-stocked bar, making it an ideal choice for larger groups or those who love to dance the night away.

On the other hand, the pool deck, though more intimate, offers a captivating experience with its stunning infinity pool overlooking Dubai’s mesmerizing skyline, making it perfect for couples or small groups seeking a cozy ambiance. Lastly, the VIP area provides an elevated level of luxury, featuring plush furnishings and personalized butler service, making it an exceptional choice for exclusive and lavish parties. No matter the type of celebration you have in mind, the rooftop bar at the W Hotel guarantees an unforgettable night.

Lounge Party at the Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai

The Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai presents an enchanting garden party setting. Surrounded by lush palm trees and meticulously landscaped gardens, this outdoor party venue offers a picturesque backdrop for any occasion. With its spacious lawn accommodating up to 500 guests, it is perfect for hosting large gatherings. The hotel’s dedicated team of event planners will collaborate with you to curate a bespoke experience that reflects your unique style and personality. From cocktails under the starry sky to elegant sit-down dinners, the Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai is an ideal choice for hosting your next lounge party.

Marina Social by Jason Atherton in Souk Madinat Jumeirah

When searching for an outdoor party venue in Dubai, Marina Social by Jason Atherton is a compelling option to consider. Nestled within Souk Madinat Jumeirah, this sophisticated restaurant showcases stunning marina views. Its menu features modern international cuisine with an emphasis on seafood, complemented by an extensive and well-curated wine list. Marina Social caters to both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations, offering two distinct areas for events. The al fresco terrace provides a charming setting with marina vistas, while the air-conditioned dining room ensures comfort regardless of the weather. With a capable team to handle everything from catering to AV equipment, Marina Social is the epitome of an elegant and inviting outdoor party venue in Dubai.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab, with its distinctive sail-shaped structure, represents the pinnacle of elegance and luxury in Dubai. Situated on an artificial island, this iconic landmark is synonymous with opulence and has earned the prestigious title of ‘the world’s only seven-star hotel’. Within Burj Al Arab, you will find five magnificent venues that will take your party to another level.

Al Falak Ballroom

The Al Falak Ballroom exudes a regal ambiance reminiscent of an 18th-century Viennese opera house. It provides an exquisite setting for your event. Adjacent to the ballroom is the Tameen Majilis, a perfect space for informal gatherings or as a breakout room or VIP speaker area for parties held in the Ballroom.

Scape Restaurant

Scape Restaurant is an exceptional dining venue offering Californian fusion cuisine and a wide range of beverages. Guests have the option to dine indoors or enjoy alfresco dining. The restaurant can accommodate up to 180 guests for lunch, dinner, or cocktail events.

Suha Suha Boardroom

Suha Suha Boardroom, featuring lavish interiors, is an ideal choice for corporate events. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including PA systems, wireless internet, translation booths, and high-end presentation and video conferencing equipment.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Situated adjacent to Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel captivates attention with its wave-like design and offers stunning views of Burj Al Arab and the Arabian Gulf. The hotel provides premium rooms with sea views, sea-front dining options, and private beach access. Within the hotel, you’ll find eight exceptional venues to host an unforgettable party.

Meyana Auditorium

Meyana Auditorium is a versatile space equipped with all the necessary facilities for corporate meetings and is ideal for business functions, accommodating up to 414 guests. The Marasi Meeting rooms offer individual spaces for specific requirements, with a total capacity of 150 guests.

Beachcomber Garden

Beachcomber Garden is a perfect spot for informal parties or drink receptions, accommodating up to 120 guests. Sunset Garden provides panoramic views of Burj Al Arab and can accommodate 150 guests. Safinah Ballroom is a stylish conference room with a capacity of 1500 guests.

Shams & Qamar Lobby

Shams & Qamar Lobby are two spacious lobbies that can be reserved for cocktail receptions or private gatherings with up to 150 guests. Jumeirah Beach Hotel also offers outdoor venues called Events Arena, located by the beach, which can accommodate up to 2500 guests. Sundeck Level 2 is suitable for receptions or private weddings with 150 guests. Additionally, the hotel provides boardrooms that can accommodate up to 16 guests, ensuring a premium experience with food prepared by award-winning chefs.

Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm has established itself as the epitome of luxury, fine dining, and unparalleled entertainment in Dubai. It has become an iconic symbol of the city, situated at the magnificent Palm Jumeirah and offering a truly regal holiday experience.

Theme parks of Atlantis, The Palm

Within Atlantis, The Palm, you’ll find three extraordinary theme parks: Dolphin Bay, Aquaventure, and Lost Chambers Aquarium. With such exceptional offerings, it’s no surprise that the venue provides some of the most lavish options for hosting a party. You can choose unique venues like the Lost Chambers Aquarium or Royal Beach, or opt for elegant ballrooms, boardrooms, and meeting rooms for indoor events.

Luxury Yacht Party

For business meetings, state-of-the-art meeting rooms are available, equipped with modern facilities. The venue also offers a wide range of alfresco options, including private beaches, poolside terraces, and tents, catering to parties of every size and budget.

A luxury yacht is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous venues to celebrate a party in Dubai. Unlike other expensive locations that offer the same views throughout the event, a floating venue provides ever-changing vistas. The joy of cruising adds an extra element of fun and creates lasting memories.

Charter a sleek white yacht adorned with lights and a red carpet to impress your guests. The crew can transform the yacht into a stunning party setting. The best part is that you have the freedom to choose the cruising destination, activities, and duration. When you’re away from the land, surrounded by your loved ones, there are no limits to celebrating with all your heart.

Yacht party Dubai offers spacious dance floors to enhance the party atmosphere. Consider hiring a DJ to play exhilarating tunes and get everyone grooving.

Dhow Cruises in Dubai

Dubai’s dhow cruises offer an incredible blend of sightseeing and partying, making them an ideal choice for corporate events or gatherings. Stepping away from monotonous meeting rooms and conference spaces, hosting your business functions on a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness. These cruises not only provide a platform to showcase the city’s landmarks but also serve as a warm welcome for global business partners, clients, investors, or team members.

The Address Dubai Mall

Located near two iconic structures, Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, The Address Hotel offers elegant and stylish accommodation with breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa and the Dubai skyline. This hotel provides a comfortable home away from home and convenient access to all the wonders of Downtown Dubai. When hosting a party at The Address Mall, you have four fantastic destinations to choose from.

Diamond Ballroom

This expansive ballroom can accommodate up to 600 guests and offers three different spaces. With stylish interiors, state-of-the-art audio-visual and videoconferencing equipment, and customizable menus, it is the perfect venue for your events.

Sapphire Meeting Room

The Sapphire Meeting Room provides versatile setups for receptions, banquets, theatres, and cabaret-style seating. It is equipped with audio-visual and videoconferencing equipment, ensuring a seamless event experience.

Ruby and Emerald Meeting Room

These meeting rooms can accommodate varying capacities, with reception, banquet, theatre, and cabaret-style seating options. They are equipped with audio-visual, videoconferencing, and IT equipment, providing flexibility for different event types.

When planning a party, why settle for ordinary party halls in Dubai? Instead, opt for a unique venue that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and make the celebration truly special. Explore out-of-the-box party venues and seize the opportunity to celebrate to the fullest.


Life is meant to be celebrated, whether it’s for special milestones like engagements, weddings, birthdays, or job accomplishments. Parties bring joy and create cherished memories. When it comes to hosting a party in Dubai, step away from the usual and opt for something extraordinary. Surprise your guests with the best party venue in Dubai and make the day truly unforgettable.


Some popular party venues in Dubai include Atlantis, The Palm, Armani/Privé, and Cavalli Club.

It depends on the venue’s policy, so it’s best to check with them beforehand.

Yes, many party venues in Dubai offer catering services as part of their packages.

Some venues include basic decorations, while others may offer them as add-on options.

Yes, many party venues in Dubai cater to corporate events, weddings, and other special occasions.

Age restrictions vary depending on the venue and the nature of the event. It’s best to check with the venue for specific details.

Yes, most party venues in Dubai provide parking facilities for guests.

Some venues allow external entertainment, while others may have in-house DJs or preferred vendors.

Many venues allow you to bring your own cake, but it’s always best to confirm with the venue in advance.

The cost varies depending on the venue, package, and the number of guests. It’s best to inquire with the specific venue for pricing details.

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