Plan a Nautical Birthday Party for your Child in an Economical Way

Last Updated On August 29, 2023

Posted By Hisham

Fresh air, sunshine, and waves gently lapping and releasing a bunch of balloons in the sky, does not it sound like an amazing birthday celebration for your child? A Nautical birthday party on yacht could be the most surprising moment for your beloved kid.  But fear, not daddies, there are plenty of ways to make sure your little people and their friends have a fabulous time on-board yacht without having to raid a bank.


Multiple Birthday Packages

A yacht sails in the vastness of the sea surrounded by endless beautiful views. Bring your kid’s special day on a yacht.  Not necessarily every yacht birthday costs a lot. There are many yacht charter companies that offer a huge array of birthday packages bombarded with an explosion of unique ideas. Choose the one that fits your budget. Kids’ birthday celebrations are a true reflection of bright colors, tons of fun, lots of exciting contests and games, and delicious treats.


Explosion of Ideas

Planners on a yacht party come up with a variety of unique and unusual ideas to make your kid’s birthday extra special in a cost-effective way. From keeping it simple to elegant something unique, they will create a memorable birthday party. Not yet inspired by the charm and limitless possibilities of a yacht birthday party? You can share your idea with them. They will create an environment according to your wish by decorating with balloons, posters, themed banners, ribbons, garlands and much more.


Theme Party

All kids love fairy tales and adventure. Boys like to imagine themselves as a pirate or other fighting superheroes. Girls often love to be princesses or fairies dressed beautifully and treated in the most special way. What your kid loves to be? A pirate or a Barbie? Ask professional event planners on a yacht to theme your event according to your kid’s choice. From color selection and decoration to lighting and music, everything will be planned in advance. They will be immensely happy to see their beloved characters from the movies and games looking at them from the posters surrounding them.  Familiar music is playing. Any child will surely appreciate such an immersion into their favorite atmosphere.


Customized Cake

No birthday celebration can be completed without a delicious cake. Birthday cake is always the highlight of the event. Just imagine the happiness of your kid when he sees the cake of his/her favorite character on the table! Experienced cake bakers and pastry chefs will be able to turn your dream cake into real artwork. Let your kid blow candles with joy.


Costumes and makeup

There will no ordinary kids at a theme birthday party. They are all mighty wizards, dolls, princesses, and superheroes. Makeup artists will make kids to fit with the theme by applying beautiful makeup to the children’s faces safely.

The organizer and coordinator in charge of the overall celebration will always remain in touch with you throughout your charter. They make sure everything goes smoothly. If something unforeseen happens, they sort it out before it ruins the fun.


An unforgettable birthday party awaits you! From delicious cakes and eateries served in a special way to decoration ideas, planners and organizers make sure maximum entertainment for your child. Surprise your kid with a memorable birthday party on yacht. Your child and guests will remember the birthday in Dubai for years to come.

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