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What To Look For When Renting a Yacht in Dubai

Last Updated On May 5, 2023

Posted By Alex Smith

People often call Dubai the “Las Vegas of the Middle East,” and they’re not wrong. This beautiful city in the United Arab Emirates is full of services that the rich and wealthy can easily use to have fun. Dubai is basically an oasis in the middle of a desert. Thus, it is built with the interests of the ultra-rich in mind. Everything is very luxurious, and the services for tourists are also very good. Also, Dubai is a great place to visit if you want to learn about a lot of rich cultural history.

Why would you rent a yacht in Dubai?

You can take your trip to the next level by renting a yacht in Dubai. A yacht opens up a whole new type of vacation that combines the comfort of a five-star hotel. It includes the fun of a cruise at sea. Like five-star hotels, Dubai’s luxury yachts are high-end places to stay.  Depending on the yacht you choose, you will also have access to other things. Likewise, a personal chef, a Jacuzzi, jet skis or other water toys, and the chance to explore the coast of Dubai.

Some people choose to rent a yacht for a few days, but that’s not the only thing they can do. In Dubai, you can also rent a yacht for a few hours or a half-day. To go on a sunset cruise Dubai with your special someone, to throw a party, or to show your family a different side of Dubai. There are many reasons to rent a yacht in Dubai, and you can choose from a wide range of options.

Before you run out and book a yacht there are some options you need to look at first. There are many yacht companies Dubai out there that want your business. It is important to do some research first before you book your trip to Dubai.


First you need to look at your budget

How much money are you willing to spend on a yacht rental? Renting a yacht can be very expensive depending on your needs. There are some deals available with certain yacht companies. You need to check out a few and price shop before you commit. Look at how long you will be needing a rental yacht in Dubai. A few hours on a yacht may be the cheapest way to go.  But sometimes if you need to hold a special event, some rental yachts in Dubai may give you a good price on a package deal. You should also look for yacht rental deals.


Yacht Size Consideration

There are small, medium or large-sized yachts. If you are planning on having a large party of people with you, then you may want to consider going on an extra-large yacht. You will find they have more accommodation to fit your needs. If you want overnight sleeping quarters, then the extra-large yachts are the way to go.


Places and Destination of Yacht Trip

Some yacht companies may limit the areas to which they charter. You will want to check that out with a yacht company first. If you have a certain destination in mind, then you need to ask if they will take you there. Some yacht companies are limited to use in the bay areas. This is ok if you are just looking for a short leisurely ride with nice views of the city. 

However, some people like to take day-long or overnight excursions that head out into the open ocean waters. This may cost more, so it is worth looking into. Dubai is one of the most popular cities to visit these days. It has beautiful landmarks, friendly people, and numerous activities to be involved in.  It is no wonder people like to vacation in Dubai.  One of the best ways to experience Dubai water is by chartering a yacht.  Renting a yacht in Dubai can be one of the most pleasurable experiences of your life. Yachts are fun, elegant, and some of the best ways to see the sights.


Yacht Dining Accommodations for your Event

If you are planning on a wedding, reception or another large business event, you need to look into dining accommodations. You may need catering or another food service. Some rental yachts in Dubai only offer drink and snack options. They may charge extra for these services. If you need a full lunch or dinner you will have to plan ahead so they can accommodate you.

Having a full staff on board may be a requirement of yours when renting a yacht. Some yachts only have a few staff members working. So, if you need catering staff or other staff members you will have to ask.


Yacht Safety Policies 

You never know when an accident on the water may happen. So, it is important to ask about safety procedures should there be such an event. A water evacuation process should be noted where people can see it.

Why do you need a Professional Luxury Yacht Rental Company Dubai for your Trip?

Renting a luxury yacht in Dubai is a good idea. Enjoy the cool sea breeze and the impressive skyline as you sail through Dubai’s blue waters. Whether you want to rent a yacht for a few hours or a few days, always choose the best luxury yachts to rent in Dubai for yourself. You can book these and other yachts online, but a professional luxury yacht rental agency in Dubai can also help you in this regard. They can make the process easy by explaining everything step by step.

And even though you can rent a yacht at any time of year. But whatever you do, make sure you book early. They all have air conditioning, keep in mind that temperatures in the summer can get well above 40oC (104oF). It is because chartering a yacht in this part of the world is very popular!  

How to Have Fun on a Yacht?

Ok, so we have a range of nice yachts and boats available. Now the question that comes in mind is that what does that mean for you? What can you do on a boat or yacht, and why should you rent one? There’s a lot to do, but you decide what to do. You can rent a boat to take your family and friends out on the water. There’s always time to take pictures, chill out, and have fun.

    • All of our yachts include an inside cabin with air conditioning. On a yacht, you can have a party, spend a romantic night, go swimming, or just chill out and do nothing.
    • As our yachts have a Captain and a crew that will definitely take care of your guests, your luxury trip and everything else! All you have to do is choose the right yacht. 
    • Just let us know before you book if you want decorations, food, photos, or anything else. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to have fun.
  • Our Event Boats Services: Our Event Boats are great for corporate events, staff parties, large groups, sight-seeing tours, and more. Ask us about solutions that are made just for your group. We can take care of your event, no matter how big it is. 
  • Our other things to do: We have a lot of options for you! From private yachts to shared trips, dinner cruises, fishing trips, desert safaris, event boats, and more!

EndNote for you:

Do as much research as possible before renting a yacht in Dubai. There are many options available as well as great deals to be had. Just be sure they can accommodate all your needs and offer you the best price before you book.

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By Alex Smith

Alex Smith is an arts, culture and travel writer with a passion to observe different cultures and exploring new places. That took him around the globe and finally decided to make Dubai his new home in 2011. Associated with Mala Yachts as an author Alex shares his experience of being a nomad and giving guidelines to travel efficiently to those who want to embark on the journey of World exploration

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