Mala Yachts Early Bird Offer – Get 20% Discount on All Yachts

Mala Yachts Early Bird Offer – Get 20% Discount on All Yachts

Dubai, UAE – Mala Yachts offers exclusive discounts on all our vessels this summer. Yacht charter is a fancy, new trend for the tourists in Dubai. Mala Yachts can provide you with appropriate services from planning a trip to chartering a yacht in order to enjoy your trip to the full.

The fleet at Mala Yachts has vessels of different sizes and with many facilities available for charter. The guests can choose a suitable yacht according to their budget and requirements. Along with yacht charter, there are a number of activities available to enjoy during the trip like diving, surfing, and skiing, etc.

Mala Yachts Early Bird Offer

The glitz and glamour of Dubai are all at your expense if the booking is made two months in advance, which enables you to enjoy 20% discount on all yachts at Mala Yachts. A yacht charter is an ideal escape for couples. It can be a memorable trip with your family and friends as well. Yacht charter is even used for corporate events and meetings nowadays. A prior booking gives you enough time for planning and allows the crew to make necessary arrangements for your trip and provide you with all the amenities requested.\

Onboard with your loved ones and your family makes it a lifetime opportunity. The sightseeing on the coastline of Dubai is worth it. The amazing combination of ultra-modern, sky rising architecture with the preserved, centuries-old cultural heritage seen along sides is a timeless experience. The yacht trip through the artificial islands and many other luxurious resorts make you appreciate the man-made wonders. The yacht cruise in summers is preferably recommended at night. The cool breeze, starry night and the night-lights dancing on the skyscrapers present a spectacular feast for the eyes.


Culinary delights available on board make your trip worthwhile. The 4-star catering services are an outstanding feature of the yacht charter. The guests can satisfy their palate, choosing from a variety of cuisines offered. An endless supply of drinks and beverages accompany the tasty meals all through your trip.

Other than the enticing 20% discount, there is an extra discount offered on the luxurious limousine pick and drop service provided from your place of accommodation to Dubai Marina.

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