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Now Enjoy Free Pizza On Luxury Yachts

Last Updated On May 5, 2023

Posted By Alex Smith

During some past years, pizza has been termed as one of the most famous dishes in the world. With its invention from Naples, Italy, it has got immense popularity in most of the parts of the world. In Dubai as well, pizza is liked by people. Dubai is one of the cities where people from all the religions, casts, countries, and regions live. They categorically like this dish and a massive quantity of pizzas is served in the city.  There are numerous pizza restaurants in the city where people go to have this dish with their beloved ones. It also appears as a favorite dish when it comes to a picnic or event. It may be because it is such a dish that is commonly liked by people having distinct tastes.

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Dining out is such a habit that is found in the majority of people. People go outside with their spouses and families and they spend a lovely time together while having dinner or lunch. The world has got quite fast and people even face difficulty in giving time to their families or beloved ones. So, they cover this loss by spending some time with them on weekends or by arranging some special events. Dubai is such a city that has everything what is desired by people. It has business opportunities, it has plenty of shopping malls, it has beautiful apartments and houses, it has tall and beautiful buildings, and many other luxuries this city has. But, Dubai beach is one of the most beautiful places of the city. You will find people every day there and a new world comes up to you when you go there. The sea of Dubai itself presents beautiful scenery.  You will love to spend your day while on a yacht with your beloved ones and eat pizza in the fresh breezes of the sea.

Mala Yachts has always given you everything you want. This time as well, we have brought some exciting deals for you. Now you can enjoy free pizzas on our yachts with soft drinks on quite reasonable rates.   It becomes difficult to afford when you ask for a meal while booking a yacht on rent. Usually, food served on yachts is happened to be quite expensive. For your convenience, we have come up with these deals to save your precious money.

Our yacht rental deals with free pizzas and cold drinks can make you to have a wonderful time on the water. We are offering our luxury boats for 2, 3, and 4 hours for around 23 guests on quite amazing rates.  You can check our yacht rental and charter deals to have an overview of the rates.


It’s a high time to make the most of these deals and spend a wonderful time on a yacht with delicious pizzas.

By Alex Smith

Alex Smith is an arts, culture and travel writer with a passion to observe different cultures and exploring new places. That took him around the globe and finally decided to make Dubai his new home in 2011. Associated with Mala Yachts as an author Alex shares his experience of being a nomad and giving guidelines to travel efficiently to those who want to embark on the journey of World exploration

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