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Tips for Throwing a Kickass Yacht Birthday Party

By Alex Smith -13 November, 2017

Tired of the same old birthday party every year? Seems like you are bored of being born on this day? Well, worry not. You have multiple options now that can make your birthday ‘the best birthday ever. Dinner in your favorite restaurant with some balloons and party poppers is old school now. In a city like Dubai where options are apparently endless, you can go all gaga with a ‘party in the sea’. Yes, a yacht birthday party in the middle of the deep blue sea. Cool yeah? It’s even cooler to organize such a kickass party on yacht Dubai.

Here are a few very basic but fun-as-heck tips for throwing a super-cool yacht birthday party.

Prepare a Well-Thought-Out Guest List

Inviting the guests should always be the first thing to do while organizing a party. A thoughtful guest list needs to be made first. Most importantly, give your loved ones enough time to plan their schedule flexibly so that they could be able to attend your birth. Start planning your yacht birthday one month before, ideally. If you don’t want to miss your loved ones on this yacht then be slow and plan things smoothly. You must give enough time to plan the list of people you want to be there on your big day and share your yacht cake with you.

Theme? What’s the Theme?

Honestly speaking, luxury yacht rental Dubai is itself a ‘fancy theme’ for a birthday party, so you don’t specifically need any particular one. Still, if you want to be a little extra for your day you can pick any of your choices. Nautical themes are always a signature idea for any yachting event and there is no doubt in it. But if you are an ‘out of the box type of person then you can experiment with other themes also, such as Pirates and Buccaneers, Casino Royale, Masquerade, and many more.

Be Mean With Supplies

Once you are on the water, you have no possibility to return back home and bring some food and drinks. Therefore, you need to have almost everything in a plentiful amount. Plan your birthday party keeping everything in sight, set up the menu and all the food and drinks you and your guests love because we don’t want you to kill the glamour of your party realizing your guests are going to get hungry and thirsty. Note: yacht rentals in Dubai also provide food and drinks so if you hire a cruise you don’t have to worry about food supplies.

Go for Some Games

A birthday party in the sea is enough fun by itself but you can make it even more exciting by selecting some fun games to play on the board. You can have as many fun activities as you want, like sharing a memory about the person the birthday party is for, truth dare, drum charades, the options are endless.

Music is a Must

Considering the fact that your yacht is going to be huge and luxurious, you will be having a sound system to play your favorite music. Put some time in making up a playlist for the party. Pick songs suit everyone’s taste and the theme of the party.

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