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Healthy Charters Dubai

Healthy Charters Tips

Fun and thrill is important but why leave the health behind. There are many ideas to keep your health along. Yes, you can stay on your diet plans following yoga and other thrilling and healthy activities.

  1. Cuisine

Food is the ultimate love of almost every one. No matter what age you’re, spices, aroma, and yummy ingredients always attract your taste buds. Try what you love the most made by our special trained chefs. Sea food and all other yummy cuisines can make your charter experience more interesting. If you’re allergic to any specific ingredient or spice just let the crew know in advance and if you have some special requests about food, contact the consultant.

  1. Yoga

Its feels more refreshing o practice your yoga routine on the cruise. As it is already quite appealing to be surrounded by the crystal blue waters and stimulating breeze. Your body needs a new energy, a soul that recreate the positive vibes and helps you gather your positive energy back.  Grasps the free air and let it free your soul by practising yoga with trained members of the crew.

  1. Rejuvenate Body And Soul

Enjoy the immersed elegance at its best. Eyes are considered as the beholder of a beauty so let your eyes capture the best of the scenery and energize your body and soul. Water has the ultra-energy to keep your body and soul invigorating. Enjoy the awe-inspiring marvel of the stunning beauty you’re surrounded by. Book your special day with us and enjoy a healthy evening on the charter with the best experienced and professional staff of MalaYachts.

  1. Facilities

 Décor, food, music, toy collection and a lot of beverages to keep it all good is one of the most amazing experience for anyone. Hop on the cruise of your choice, choose the facilities and live up to your expectations.  First-aid facilities and other health precautionary measurements are always taken care of. If any of your guests have some special requests regarding their health safety, feel free to share it with our consultant at the time of booking.

  1. Experience

No matter how the events and occasions are planned but at the end it’s only about the perfection of experience. Informing the crew in advance and taking care of all the crucial facilities can help you enjoy a memorable time on the yacht. The ultimate privacy, freedom and lavishness is what we are best at.  Follow the best of advices from our expert consultants and ensure the luxurious experience of sailing at the sea.


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