How Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year Festivals in China

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Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, is the longest national holiday in China. It continues for a total of fifteen days. Being one of the customary Chinese festivals, it is the grandest and the most imperative celebration for Chinese people. This occasion is celebrated all over the world. One of the famous events is Chinese New Year Eve in Dubai.

So, on this occasion, every Single Street, road, building, and the house is decorated with red color because red is the central dominant color for the festival, as it is believed to be a fortunate color for them. Chinese New Year is a good time for all families to be together and celebrate so wherever they are. People come home to celebrate the Chinese New Year celebration with their families. And most important New Year’s Eve dinner is called Family Reunion Dinner and is believed to be the most vital feast of the year.

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How do the Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year?

In China, many rural areas celebrate this event in a more traditional way, such as setting off firecrackers and ancestor worship. There are the most astonishing and unique dragon dances. Many Chinese go to these areas to celebrate this festival traditionally. They love to have Chinese New Year dinner. Modern Chinese people’s choices are different for commemorating this event but, they like to travel across the country on this occasion, so, that the New Year festival is the busiest travel season in China when all the trains and buses are fully jam-packed with passengers.

Even you can’t get flight tickets easily. In China, special cities have their traditions and activities to celebrate this magnificent festival. Some people prefer to go to the movies, the zoo, and playland with their families during the Chinese New Year celebration. Chinese people love to shop, so they go shopping with their loved ones. They like to visit their relative’s and friends’ homes on this occasion in short, they celebrate this festival joyfully and ecstatically.

How Chinese immigrants celebrate Chinese New Year in Dubai

Chinese New Year

Chinese people who live in Dubai also celebrate this festival enthusiastically. They mostly rent a yacht for this evening and travel the exotic locations of Dubai. They also throw a get to gather party on Catamaran yacht because it is so luxurious and suitable yacht for a huge amount of people, where they can also play water sports games. Some Chinese prefer to go for a safari ride in the striking location of the desert. They also have so many options for dinner because Dubai has the most lavish hotels with delicious cuisines.


Decorate the yacht according to the themes

As red color is the main theme color of the Chinese New Year celebration. Then the crew will make all the arrangements according to the need. You can enjoy your event in a tension-free state. Customer satisfaction is on priority for mala yachts. So, choose the best yacht rental Dubai services for your special events. You can add all the related props in addition to the red color on the yacht.


Have a delicious food

Chinese New Year remains incomplete without a Chinese New Year dinner. You can add any cuisine or any item to the food menu. Live BBQ can also be added to the package. A professional chef will make the food with proper hygienic measures. You will love the taste of the food very much. All the guests can enjoy dinner or BBQ with authentic flavor on this beautiful Eve.


Enjoy the beautiful scenes

Dubai is itself very Beautiful. When it comes to yacht charter Dubai, it looks more elegant. The beauty of Dubai gets doubled from the deck. Mala Yachts offer different sizes of yachts according to the number of guests. You can sail along the beautiful sea and enjoy eye-catching scenes all around you. Enjoy the mesmerizing cool breeze blowing and tall buildings doing a magic spell on you.


Entertain yourself with some water activities

If you book a yacht charter Dubai in the daytime, then you can enjoy many water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and speed boat rides. This is a recreational activity. Everyone will enjoy the amazing idea of enjoying water activities onboard on Chinese New Year celebration. Make yourself feel deep in the love of water activities. Whether you have tried it before or not but these will give you an extraordinary experience of them from the yacht.


Capture beautiful moments

These moments will never come back again after a year. So, don’t forget to capture special moments and photographs in the eye of the camera for memories. These are unforgettable memories with your friends or family members. Make your Chinese New Year in Dubai more memorable with fun activities on a yacht and save every single moment.


New Year’s Eve typical dinner includes black-eyed peas, cabbage, and cornbread.

You can go for a family dinner or shopping but the best way is to book a yacht charter Dubai and enjoy New Year Eve.

Peas and greens are thought to be lucky food for the New Year 2023.

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