How to make your wedding on yacht memorable in Dubai?

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Let us take care of the blue in your wedding or wedding reception. Join us on a wedding yacht rental Dubai and let’s make your wedding day unforgettable by incorporating the soothing blue of the sea and sky into your celebrations. Picture yourself surrounded by the sparkling blue waters and clear blue sky, enjoying the fresh sea breeze on one of our spacious and romantic luxury yachts. With this unique experience, we can help make your special day even more memorable.

Why prefer yacht rental Dubai for a wedding?

If you find traveling by sea to be soothing and calming, then chartering a yacht is an excellent way to introduce your loved ones to this experience. Holding a wedding ceremony on a yacht provides your guests with a unique and exciting adventure while also allowing them to take part in activities that you enjoy. Yacht weddings are characterized by their intimate and personal nature.

Romance in the air

Experience an unparalleled ambiance by choosing a wedding yacht rental Dubai. Celebrate your special day with your significant other amidst breathtaking views. Moreover, the picturesque scenery on a yacht charter makes for stunning wedding photographs that you can cherish for years to come.

For an unforgettable and romantic experience, why not consider a yacht wedding Dubai with your loved ones? You can explore the neighboring islands and capture stunning photographs at various scenic locations during the voyage. Spending quality time with your nearest and dearest on board the yacht will create many fond memories and moments of laughter.

Imagine the sheer thrill of exchanging vows against the backdrop of a mesmerizing sunset and serene ocean. The presence of your close friends and family will help ease your nerves and enhance the joyous occasion. A yacht wedding charter offers many intimate, sweet, and unforgettable moments that you and your loved ones can treasure forever.

Professional crew

A competent crew can make your yacht wedding Dubai a truly unforgettable experience by catering to all your needs and ensuring your comfort throughout your stay. Established yacht charter service providers employ skilled personnel with years of experience in hosting weddings on yachts. They will go above and beyond to provide exceptional service, treating your wedding as if it were their own and ensuring that every detail is impeccable.

Yacht rental weddings offer endless possibilities for customization to suit the preferences of the bride, groom, and guests. Whether you require enhanced safety measures, unique entertainment options, personalized décor, a specific theme, or privacy, you can tailor your boat wedding to meet your exact requirements. With a proficient crew always available, you can expect nothing but the best on your special day aboard a yacht.

Full of adventure

Yacht rentals are ideal for couples who enjoy exploring new destinations and seeking adventure, as they offer a sense of freedom and independence. Sailing the open waters and discovering new islands brings a thrill and excitement to the experience.

Celebrating your wedding dockside and then enjoying a feast in the middle of the sea will create a lasting memory. For those who love to take risks and seek new challenges, there is no better way to celebrate your special day than feeling the wind in your hair and the salty sea air on your face.

One of the most alluring aspects of getting married on a boat is the intimacy it provides. You can exchange your vows either on the pier or aboard the yacht and then sail away to the open sea for a private ceremony, with no one else but you two around. Choosing to have your wedding ceremony on a boat rental gives you complete control of the moment, making it truly unforgettable.

Plan everything onboard from theme, décor, and food

Yacht rental Dubai for wedding allows you to easily decorate every part of the boat according to your desired theme. The benefit of a wedding boat rental is that it provides a blank canvas for you to create your unique style.

You can choose to decorate the aisle or simply add a trellis at the front of the yacht. You can keep it simple with a single color or add more intricate details such as confetti and flowers to the yacht’s interior. Your yacht decorations will reflect your personality as a couple.

The food and drink options onboard a boat rental can be customized to your specific needs and preferences. A yacht charter offers endless possibilities, from the cuisine on the vessel to the flavor of your wedding cake.

It’s crucial to work with a yacht charter service provider who has extensive experience in organizing weddings and can advise you on the best placement of your decorations. An excellent company will ensure that your wedding ceremony is unforgettable. Their skilled staff and crew will meet your wedding wishes, and you’ll have an incredible time onboard.

Click some beautiful snaps

Planning for everything but didn’t book a photographer? This can be a great concern. Always hire a photographer so that the real beauty of your surroundings with your memories can be saved. You will be amazed by the pictures having a great scenic view in the background.

Flexible yacht wedding packages Dubai

Yacht Rental in Dubai offers a great variety of flexible yacht wedding packages Dubai with the addition of food, drinks, decoration, and much more. This will help you to stay stress-free and on budget while making your dream come true.

Yachts perfect for an intimate wedding in Dubai

Yachts can be the best venue for any kind of pre or post-wedding celebrations. To ensure a hassle-free yacht wedding Dubai experience, explore the range of event-friendly yacht options available.



Benetti is the ultimate in modern design with its captivating exterior, the yacht is definitely a show stopper. Its stunning craft offers accommodation for up to 50 guests with a 164 ft size making it ideal for weddings. With a stylish design and littered with innovative technology, the cabins of Benetti yachts comprise luxurious rooms, a flybridge, and separate washrooms. Every detail of the yacht has been meticulously created using the finest materials. Have a relaxed yachting experience with Benetti.


142 ft yacht

Looking for a luxurious yacht to host your dream yacht wedding in Dubai? Look no further than our 142 feet yacht, which has a capacity of 130 guests and is the perfect venue for an unforgettable celebration. The yacht features a spacious top deck with an open area, ideal for hosting a lively yacht party in Dubai. With over 20 built-in speakers and top-deck dance floor lights, this yacht will keep the party going all night long. Guests can even choose between normal and party lighting for the top deck to set the perfect atmosphere.  With cooler boxes/fridges and a 60″ LCD, this yacht is perfect for an unforgettable wedding celebration in Dubai.

142 ft yacht

Sweet Caroline

The SWEET CAROLINE yacht is the perfect setting for a dream wedding event with family and friends. It boasts six elegant staterooms that can accommodate up to 12 guests comfortably, ensuring a luxurious and unforgettable experience. A crew of eight dedicated professionals will provide top-notch service to all guests. The outdoor deck spaces of SWEET CAROLINE are perfectly suited for alfresco dining and relaxation, with both main and bridge decks available for dining. The sundeck is a haven for sunbathing, enjoying the Jacuzzi, and taking in the breathtaking views. Furthermore, the yacht is equipped with an array of tenders and toys to keep guests entertained throughout their stay.

Sweet Caroline

Desert rose mega yacht

If you’re looking for the best yacht for a wedding in Dubai, the Desert Rose Yacht is the perfect choice. With its impressive length of 155 ft and a capacity of up to 250 guests, it provides unmatched comfort and convenience, ensuring a wedding experience that is on par with the best hotels.  The Desert Rose Yacht is equipped with everything you need to create an unforgettable wedding experience, including live cooking stations where your guests can indulge in mouthwatering international buffet dinner or live BBQ, served by a professional crew who will treat you like a celebrity. The yacht also offers entertainment options.

Desert rose mega yacht

Gugu yacht

Gugu Boat is the perfect yacht for those who want to experience high-end services, luxurious seating, breathtaking scenery, and delectable cuisine. With its customized packages and wedding boat rental Dubai, you can work with skilled event planners to create a theme that fits your wedding perfectly. The boat offers high-end services, plush seating, and a beautiful setting for your special day. The Gugu boat is 78 feet long and can accommodate up to 90 guests, making it an ideal choice for an intimate wedding celebration. Additionally, the yacht comes equipped with a good quality audio system with aux speakers inside and outside.

Gugu yacht

Virgo yacht

if you’re looking for the perfect yacht for your wedding, the 88ft custom-designed Virgo Yacht is an ideal choice for an intimate celebration with your loved ones. With two indoor air-conditioned lounges, a Jacuzzi, and a wide and spacious sundeck, this yacht provides a picture-perfect venue for your special day. The ambiance and space of the Virgo Yacht surpass its competitors, making it a top choice for a wedding ceremony or reception. The spacious boarding deck is perfect for capturing those memorable wedding photos, and the small pool with a staircase provides endless options for having fun in the sun. Let our professional crew and event planners make your dream wedding on the luxury Yacht a reality.

Virgo yacht

How to pull off a memorable yacht wedding in Dubai?

A yacht wedding Dubai is a unique and exciting experience for guests, offering the freedom to customize the event from boarding to program flow, activities, and favors. A wedding planner with experience in yacht weddings can help with preparations, especially for destination weddings. Here’s a list of some essential considerations for the ultimate and unforgettable yacht wedding Dubai.

Choose suitable yacht

Choosing the right venue is crucial for a wedding. It’s important to select a boat that can comfortably accommodate your guests and provide ample space for activities and partying. It’s advisable to finalize the guest list early and consider the budget when selecting a wedding yacht rental Dubai. Consult with a wedding planner for boat recommendations.

Plan a romantic route

For a yacht rental wedding, choosing the right route is crucial. You can consult your captain for recommended stops, but it’s also helpful to seek ideas from your wedding planner or do research online. Dubai has many stunning destinations, such as The Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. The route should showcase the beauty of the wedding destination and leave guests awed.

Have everything nice and Nautical

For a yacht rental wedding Dubai, consider adding traditional Arabic decorations such as lanterns, colorful fabrics, and gold accents to the nautical theme. You can also include elements such as palm leaves and seashells to represent the beach and the sea. Incorporating Dubai’s cultural and natural elements will add a unique touch to your yacht wedding.

Add some groove beats

Additionally, it’s important to consider the sound system on board the yacht. Make sure it’s suitable for the number of guests and the size of the boat. You can also discuss with your yacht charter provider if they offer additional sound equipment or lighting to enhance the party atmosphere.

Keep your guests hydrated

You may want to consider providing some fun and refreshing beverages to keep the party going. Serve up some signature cocktails or mocktails, like a tropical-inspired drink with fresh fruits and herbs. This will not only quench your guests’ thirst but also add a touch of sophistication to your yacht wedding party.

Yacht Wedding Party Game Night

Bring some cards and board games to keep your guests entertained during the cruise. This is a great way to add a low-key and relaxed activity for those who want to take a break from dancing and socializing. Divide your guests into teams and have fun playing different games with your new spouse. It’s an enjoyable way to bring everyone together and create unforgettable memories.

Make it adventurous

Create a water wonderland by incorporating watersports into your yacht wedding in Dubai. Rent inflatable waterslides and floaters, provide snorkeling and paddle boarding gear, or even hire a jet ski for guests to ride. This is a surefire way to keep your guests entertained and make your wedding celebration more exciting. Don’t forget to prioritize safety and hire experienced professionals to assist in water sports activities.

End with a bang

Conclude your yacht wedding party Dubai with a stunning firework show that will add a romantic touch to your celebration. The picturesque night sky and the serene ocean make for the perfect backdrop. However, it is crucial to ensure that you have obtained the necessary permits and that the location allows such activities.


Having your yacht rental wedding Dubai can be a truly unforgettable experience. From the stunning views of the Dubai skyline to the luxurious amenities and personalized services provided by professional yacht rental companies, your special day will surely be one for the books. To make your wedding on a yacht truly memorable, consider customizing the decorations and catering to your preferences and budget, and selecting the right size. With careful planning and attention to detail, your wedding on a yacht in Dubai can be a dream come true.

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It is recommended to book a yacht at least 3-6 months in advance to ensure availability on your preferred date.

It depends on the policies of the yacht rental company. Some companies may allow you to bring your own catering.

Yes, most yacht rental companies in Dubai allow music and dancing onboard. However, the volume may be restricted.

Yes, most yacht rental companies allow decorations.

Yes, most yacht rental companies allow you to bring your own photographer/videographer.

The cost of a wedding on a yacht in Dubai can vary widely depending on the size and type of yacht, and additional services. As there are many yacht wedding packages also available.

The duration of a wedding on a yacht in Dubai can vary depending on the package chosen by the couple. Typically, yacht charters range from 4 – 8 hours.

In addition to the cost of the yacht charter, couples should consider additional costs such as catering, decorations, entertainment, transportation, and any necessary permits or licenses.

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