How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht?

Last Updated On August 29, 2023

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Yacht charter planning is fun yet challenging, especially when estimating expenses. Yachts may have a day or a weekly base price. Charterers must pay base charges plus food/drink, municipal taxes, and gasoline. The yacht charter cost is simple. Our specialists can help you estimate the cost of your next once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Cost depends on boat type, location, local taxes, base cost, and many other factors.

In addition, spending time with loved ones aboard a boat is a popular way to see Dubai’s sights. Yachts are even popular for birthdays and anniversaries. They enable you to escape Dubai’s hectic pace and spend quality time with your family. You may be considering a boat for your next event. How to book a boat, how much it costs to rent a yacht, and how things function may be confusing. We’ll clarify how to hire a yacht in Dubai.

Things to Consider Before Yacht Rental Dubai

One thing you need to think about is how many people are going to be on that yacht. Because yachts come in different sizes, you have to tell the company. After you tell them how many people will be going, they will suggest a yacht that can fit everyone. If you invite more people than the yacht can hold, things could get messed up.

The Menu is another important thing when thinking of yacht rental prices. You have to finalize it and talk to the yacht’s chef about it. Some businesses may let you make changes to the menu to fit your needs. You can also hide something from their menu that you don’t want. It’s important to eat well. No one wants bad food to ruin their trip on a yacht.

If you want to rent a yacht in Dubai for a special event, you can talk to the company about how to decorate and make other special arrangements. Some companies include it in the price, while others might charge extra. It depends on which type of business event you choose.


Factors that Affect a Charter Price

Since charter yachts are owned privately, the owner sets the prices. This is one reason why boats of the same length can have such a wide range of prices. Price can also be affected by a number of other factors, such as:


Yacht Base Charter Fee

The yacht, especially its size, design, and, to a lesser extent, age, is the single most important factor in figuring out how much it will cost. Northrop & Johnson’s research found that the number of cabins and the number of people who can stay on the yacht, as well as the yacht’s reputation, have the biggest impact on the price of more expensive yacht charters.

The yacht charter cost can also depend on what kind of yacht you book. There are sportfishing, sailing, motor, and expedition yachts. By far, the most popular type of yacht charter in Dubai is a motor yacht, followed by sailing yachts, which tend to be a little more expensive. Also, most charter yachts are owned by private people. They make private yacht charter costs even more different.

The base charter fee covers the cost of hiring the yacht with all of its equipment working. The base charter fee will be different from one yacht to the next. This could be due to size, amenities on board, or even the time of year. For example, a charter yacht’s base rate may go up during the high season and down during the low season. High season and low season refer to the busiest and least busy times for yacht charters. Adding on, this may be confusing because these busy times are measured in weeks, not seasons. Choose your dates carefully if you don’t want to hire a yacht in Dubai during a high-season event. 


The Season for Yacht Rental

Different times of the year bring different costs to rent a yacht. Most often, it costs the most to rent a yacht in Dubai during the holidays. If you want to explore the water without spending a lot of money, you should take your vacation when it costs less to charter a yacht. If money isn’t an issue, the best time is during the holidays. Even though it costs a bit more, it can be fun to do sports with other people.



Locations with established yachting industries tend to be less expensive, while places like the Islands that are farther away and harder to get to are more expensive. Most of the time, it costs more to go sailing in the summer. The summer is the most expensive time to rent a yacht in the Mediterranean, while the best time to rent a yacht is from December to March. On the other hand, some places have short seasons, which makes them more popular. Eventually, they are less expensive when chartering a yacht in Dubai.


Water Toys

This small-sounding term refers to a large collection of important gear, from kayaks, paddle boards, and underwater Sea bobs to expensive, high-powered yacht tenders, jet skis, and personal submarines. Some yachts come with Zorb’s sea pools (a large netted frame that keeps sea life out of a defined swimming area), and slides that can be lowered from the top of the yacht into the water. This is one of the considerable factors for private yacht charter costs.


Fuel and Dockage Fees

When thinking about fuel costs, it’s important to remember that the charterer will also have to pay for the fuel used by jet skis and tenders. Also, while the boat is docked at a marina, the generators that make electricity will use fuel. Fuel costs are also affected by how far you drive and how fast you cruise. So, it’s important to keep these things in mind for yacht rent prices. Dockage fees can be very low or even very large. Eventually, it depends on where you want to dock.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht?

A yacht vacation is more affordable than one may think. You might worry about how much it will cost. Different deals with different budgets have been made between the companies. The budget is based on what the client wants. The more you want it to be fancy, the more it will cost. Also, it depends on how many people you have and what kind of menu you choose. After taking into account all of your needs, the company will make you an offer. There is always room for negotiation, though, and you can change your needs to fit your yacht charter cost.

Aside from seasons and events, the yacht charter cost of the same size may also vary. This could be because they have very different amenities. A yacht with a movie theater and lots of water toys may have a higher base rate than a yacht of the same size with fewer amenities. Once you know what the yacht rent price is and why, you need to find out what costs are on top of that. 


The all-inclusive charter includes a hardworking and friendly crew, water toys, food, drinks, fuel, water, and electric services, and sometimes diving.

The price of a yacht changes based on the time of year. The cost to rent a yacht in the Mediterranean goes up in the summer and down in the winter. So, choose the time according to your own.

Remember that there are always ways to cut costs when renting a yacht. Our experienced charter brokers will help you avoid spending money on extras that you don’t really need. It includes avoiding visiting private marinas or hiring special water toys onboard, choosing a destination without VAT, etc. 

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