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Burj Al Arab

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Gracefully shaped like the sail of an Arabian Vessel called Dhow, this jewel of Dubai is perched on its own man-made island and a private curving bridge connects it to the mainland. This is an impressive landmark with extraordinary architecture and décor reaching out at 321m. Cutting though the heart of Dubai, the incredible ultra modern yacht winds her way to this magnificently wondrous place of Dubai. Burj Al Arab is the only 7 Star Hotel of the world and ranked at number three in the list of tallest buildings of the World with 28 double story floors.


Exploring the iconic symbol of Dubai from a luxurious yacht is not to miss. An unimaginable magnificence will take your breath away with its amazing design and spectacular architecture. Building itself is a world wonder while the night view is simply jaw dropping as at night the hotel is illuminated by choreographed lighting. Explore the Dubai’s beauty from a sailing paradise- a private yacht with your family and friends.


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