Event Yachts

Event Yachts

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Yacht rental in Dubai is the best way to celebrate the most elite gatherings. Business travelers and tourists can rent an event yacht to get a great view of a wide range of must-see events from the water.

Desert Rose yacht and the Gugu Boat are well-known Yachts that specialize in organizing events. The event yachts are great for huge events such as engagement parties, birthday parties, and corporate gatherings due to their large size and number of cabins and suites.

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Customized decorations

Crew arranges theme decorations for events. The yachts’ interiors, on the other hand, are very stylish, which makes them appealing to the guests. Anything can be added for an extra cost, from a red carpet to flower arrangements.

WI-FI facility

Everyone thinks about planning a business event on a yacht, where they might not have access to one of the most important amenities, Wi-Fi.

Live music

Live music is required to liven up the gathering. The crew will take care of the guests and amuse them with quality music that won’t distract them but will energize them.

Live BBQ/custom menu

People are also interested in food. Be cautious when ordering. A chef will make guests’ meals delicious. The crew will treat them with class.

Safety measures

Everyone will adore the security measures of the yacht. Members of the team consider it a top priority. Furthermore, they ensure that visitors enjoy their stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor yachts come in different shapes and sizes. We have more than 30 yachts in our fleet in Dubai. Thus, you can choose from if you want to rent a yacht there. We have a range of 34 feet to 240 feet sized yachts.

Yes, you can use a credit card to rent a yacht in Dubai. Although, payment is easy at Malayachts.ae; Most of the time, people use Internet Gateway. In short, we a lot of payment methods for booking.

  • Choose the best company that rents out boats.
  • Go to the site and look for the best yacht for you.
  • Talk to the company.
  • Check to see if the yacht is available.
  • Talk about the goal and your charter trip plans.
  • Most of the time, half of the payment is made when you book.
  • You’ll get a confirmation email or message through WhatsApp.

There are many options and things to think about, such as size, location, capacity, rent price, and style. There are more than 30 charter yachts to choose from, so no matter what kind of fun you want to have, there is always a yacht that fits your needs.

You can rent a yacht or boat for a family vacation, a romantic cruise along the coast of Jumeirah with decorations and red balloons, a party, or to say Happy Birthday. Thus, exploring areas (Dubai Marina Canal, The World Islands) or remote areas (Abu Dhabi Marina Club), do it your way!

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