Lotus Mega Yachts

AED 14990 HR (Min 4 Hrs)
  • Length: 220 Feet

  • Rest Rooms & One Kitchen

  • Lounge, Front End Sun Deck

  • Jacuzzi

  • Bar & BBQ

Guests: 400
Seat Luxury Cinema: 70
Table Setting: 400

Lotus Mega Yacht For Events

The 220 ft long luxury Lotus mega yacht is both elegant and modern. This Yacht is the best choice for a big party with up to 400 guests. With all of their features, Lotus Mega Yachts are the epitome of luxury and wonder.

This Mega Yacht is specifically designed for big events like corporate events, family functions, ceremonies, meetings, weddings, parties, gala dinners, and annual dinners. Their decks’ stunning vistas have hypnotic effects. There are 3 decks aboard the Yacht.

On the upper deck, guests may enjoy a night out on the dance floor with fresh juices and a beverage corner. Main Deck has a beautiful restaurant, a Jacuzzi, and a pool holding 42,000 liters of water. The small theatre is on the lower level and has seats for up to 25 people.

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Recent Review

Luxury Experience on the Water

19 April, 2023

The Lotus Mega Yacht was an unforgettable experience. The luxurious design and attentive crew made for a perfect evening of exploration along the coastline. The food was top-notch and the service was impeccable. A 5-star experience all around.

John Connor

Lifelong Family Experience

12 April, 2023

The top deck features a dancing floor, a beverage nook, and fresh juices for those who want to party the night away. There is a lovely restaurant, a Jacuzzi, and a pool. Reserve this luxury boat Dubai from Mala Yachts to create lifelong family experiences.


Incredible Event Onboard

3 April, 2023

I booked the Lotus Mega Yacht Dubai for my wedding ceremony. I loved whole arrangement. It offered a luxurious experience. The yacht was spacious and well-appointed, and the crew was attentive and professional. We had an unforgettable event.

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This Mega Yacht is hard to beat when it comes to luxury. You can enjoy yourself on this yacht as you've never done before.

  • Lotus Mega Yachts have large decks; with a pool and high-tech ways to entertain.
  • This yacht has a skilled captain and crew.
  • In your time of need, the mega yacht has everything you need on board.
  • Lunch and dinner can be catered in style with silver service available for extra charges.
  • Full accessibility of Speakers, live music, Bluetooth and Aux on this luxury yacht to make your trip more fantastic.

This mega yacht is a great way to impress guests, whether they are clients, employees, teammates, friends, or family. Mega yachts are great for big gatherings because they can hold as many as 400 people. Beautifully designed, this yacht has big decks, rooms, public areas, a swimming pool, theatre, and music system, plenty of lighting, glass balconies, and private dining areas.

Due to the large holding capacity, this mega yacht is the best place to make your trip more superb. Contact now Mala Yachts for the best luxury services as they are the top yacht rental Dubai Company.

A yacht is a perfect place to gratify someone; and when it comes to these types of yachts, they offer an amazing chance to please your clients, employees, team, friends, and family. They are perfect for large events because a mega yacht has enough space to serve upto a thousand people at a time. They have beautiful, large decks, wide cabins, large salons, swimming pool, cinema, music systems, enough lighting, glass balconies, separate dining room, kitchen, dance floor, and many other luxuries. With all the equipment and services, you can have a perfect and ideal event with those whom you value.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lotus Mega Yacht can accommodate up to 400 guests for events.
Yes, the yacht offers a range of catering options including gourmet cuisine and a selection of drinks.
The yacht is equipped with a range of amenities including multiple bars, a dance floor, a DJ booth, a swimming pool, and a variety of seating areas.
The yacht can host a variety of events including weddings, corporate events, product launches, and private parties.
Yes, the yacht is available for private charter for events and can be customized to suit the client's specific requirements.
You can book a yacht rental by contacting us through our website, email, or phone. A reservation deposit may be required to secure your booking.
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