Family Gatherings

FAMILY & Friends GATHERINGS at Yacht in Dubai

Families are personal and so are friends. Get together with your loved ones for an occasion and take a yacht trip to the middle of the sea where you can have a personalized, calm, and peaceful time together. Food, beverages, music; it’s an unforgettable customized ambiance that we create for you within your budget. That’s not all, we also provide a pickup and dropoff facility for you and your guests. Mala Yachts will provide yacht rental services for all of your events. Yachting experiences are now being considered for all celebrations. We here at Mala Yachts understand the changing requirements and are fully equipped to provide the best yachting services.

Get-Togethers at Yacht

How you have been celebrating family get-togethers previously? The usual such gatherings are all about cooking and planning other activities for members. Mala Yachts now providing special arrangements for all your family and friends gatherings at yacht.


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