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Mala Yachts is dedicated to providing our customers with the best services in town, and yes, even beyond yachts. We are passionate travelers and love our city, Dubai! Which is why have introduced luxury cars! Tours in some of the most exquisite and luxurious cars in the world are available right here in Dubai with Mala Yachts. Our luxury car service is committed to providing you with a pick-up and drop-off facility which ensures an extravagant and satisfying trip around Dubai. We are one of the best car rental companies in Dubai with car ranging from supercars and limousines to hummers and Rolls Royce’s, our service can take you to and from your hotel or residence, anywhere in our yacht club or even on an ultimate tour of the city!

Professional, dedicated and polite Chauffers driving you around Dubai in a beautiful Limousine, how can you top that? Our cars are a class apart and offer you the best luxury car hire Dubai so that you may feel special.

Choose from our diverse range of cars according to your budget, convenience or preference and experience Dubai in luxurious fashion! Our luxury car rental Dubai ensures a memorable trip around the heart and soul of UAE.

Mala Yacht’s trained chauffers makes us the most exotic car rental Dubai. They will gladly take you wherever you desire and help you explore the culture, richness and the true spirit of Dubai.

Indulge in a scenic view of skyscrapers, freely roam the wide roads or visit the most exotic locations of Middle East’s most significant metropolis.

We are not just another rent a car Dubai. From an exquisite yacht experience in the middle of the Arabian Sea all the way to city tours, we guarantee an experience of a lifetime for our customers to make their holidays special. Mala Yachts is dedicated to you.



"I rented 33 feet yacht and had a safe cruise. It was my first experiencing of fishing and can’t never forget that. The boat was fully equipped with modern fishing techniques. Everything was awesome."


"I am very excited to share My experience rented yacht, it was a memorable experience from beginning to end, everything was very special thanks to the veteran crew, it was all the crew members and collaborators are trained seriously. And we felt that we distinguished thanks to the hospitality crew, I will come again certainly an exciting journey again freely"


"I can't forget the fishing experience that I had onboard. The yacht was well maintained and completely equipped with modern fishing equipment. The yacht was spacious. The fishermen and skippers onboard assisted me in grabbing my first ever prey of my life. There was no end to my happiness. I can’t wait to go there again."


"I am grateful to Mala Yachts for such an amazing birthday party of my daughter. Everything onboard was exactly the way we wanted for my daughter. Everything went smooth. Professionals took care of every single detail from décor to food and entertainment options. Hospitality of the crew was incomparable. Thanks a lot for bringing smile on my daughter’s face."


"Yacht chartering trip has been the highlight of our Dubai's visit only because of unparalleled services of Mala Yachts. The awe inspiring sunset views are still alive in my thoughts. One of the great thrills offer by Mala Yachts is the opportunity of catching the fish. It was wonderful experience that I can never forget. I am grateful to Mala Yachts for making our yacht chartering experience a once in a lifetime experience."


"Yachting experience with Mala Yachts was such a joy. Captain and crew onboard were well trained and knowledgeable. I can't explain the pleasurable experience we had. The cool breeze, warm water of the sea and spectacular views, everything was enjoyable. More adventure was added by the fishing. I'll surely be back for another thrilling sea excursion."


"I’m glad to state that cruise was perfect. The crew had been very friendly and helped me to catch first fish of my life. I am very thankful to the whole team. Next time we will book a bigger yacht."


"We had a lovely experience of fishing at 33 feet yacht. Thank you for everything especially the safety measures. The price was reasonable. I wished we stayed longer as we had such an awesome time."


"We had so much fun. The crew and captain was very patient and helpful. I found Mala Yachts the best yacht company in Dubai. We loved fishing due to modern equipment present at the yacht. I’ll surely come back and next I will choose a bigger yacht."


"Many thanks to Mala Yachts and its team for the perfect cruise ever. The booking process was so easy, through website and it was easy to find too. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends"


"Many thanks to Mala Yachts and its team for the perfect cruise ever. The booking process was so easy, through website and it was easy to find too. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends"


"We got an awesome guided tour. Crew was very friendly and accommodating. It was a tasteful cruise experience on the beautiful yacht. 37 feet sports fishing boat gave us the opportunity to explore the deep water in Dubai marina."


"I had a very nice tour on 70 feet yacht. The boat was perfect and staff was so cooperative. The luxurious arrangements made my day. I can’t forget the taste of food. It was delicious. Overall cruise was perfect and we enjoyed fullest over spacious deck."


"The cruise was just perfect. It was an excellent evening onboard. My son enjoyed the five star services. Food was little bit spicy for him but its fine. This was the incomparable experience of our life. I hope we will come again."


"It was best decision of my life to celebrate my birthday on yacht and Mala Yachts made the celebration perfect. Flowers and balloon arrangement was superb. It was best birthday celebration ever. Just loved to cut the cake and blow the candles on water."


"We enjoyed the trip. I am very thankful to the entire team. Everything went smooth and I really appreciate the arrangements for pleasant and safer cruise. In short everything was above my expectations. Hope to come back soon."


"That was a party to remember. An engagement party in cool Dubai is incomparable. We really enjoyed a luxurious party at spacious 88 feet yacht. Delicious food, best music collection, tasty drinks, safety measures, kind crew and other modern facilities made the party extraordinarily awesome."


"We just came back from a one month holiday. We loved Dubai. What a beautiful place and loving-nature people. We had wonderful time and will never forget the month. Mala Yachts services were totally awesome. The yachts were well decorated and equipped with modern facilities. The water was very clear and the food was delicious. Everything was just wow."


"I would like to thank Mala Yachts for the perfect cruise on my wedding anniversary. Crew was so friendly and cooperative. All the arrangements were according to my taste. Romantic candle light dinner, spectacular views around made our evening extraordinary special. My wife enjoyed delicious food, romantic music, and exceptional quality services on a spacious boat."


"Everything was great for us. The services we received from experienced team of Mala Yachts were awesome. The boat was perfect, the crew was friendly and well trained, the decoration, food and entertainment was unmatched. The boat was fully equipped with modern fishing techniques. It was my first experience of catching the fish and I can never forget that. I’ll surely be back for VIP treatment on water."


"Thank you very much. The captain and crew was kind. Everything was perfectly fine onboard. The entertaining and refreshing stuff provided joyful environment. We had extreme fun along with loved ones. We really appreciate the safety equipment onboard."


"Overall it was fun. That was a memorable birthday party. Guests enjoyed the luxurious decoration and delicious food. The boat was clean and well maintained. The crew took care of snacks and drinks. Music collection was awesome."


"I rented 45 feet yacht for my graduation party. We had a wonderful time onboard and enjoyed the beautiful sunset with songs and dance. The trip was perfect. Food was awesome and arrangement was superb. Worth every penny. Hope to come back soon."


"Hired a 55 feet yacht for anniversary party. This was one of the best ideas to arrange anniversary party on yacht. We really enjoyed the top services and amazing crew. Our children had amazing time on board. Dubai is an awesome place and your services add taste to this awesomeness."


"Many thanks to Mala Yachts for making my birthday party memorable and incomparable. Everything was fun. Decoration was above my expectations and yacht was clean, well-maintained and totally luxurious. It was best celebration ever. Next time I will book a bigger yacht of yours. Thank You."


"I would like to say Thanks to Mala Yachts and crew. We really appreciate the professional services provided by you onboard. We had fun and were able to take sunny pictures. Food was awesome and we enjoyed the complimentary soft drinks and other refreshments."


"Lovely food with great fishing experience. The boat was awesome. Crew and captain treated us in extraordinary special way. Thank you so much for such a nice trip. You guys did a great job. I would surely recommend Mala Yachts to my family and friends."


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