Limo Rental Dubai

Easy & Fast Luxury Limo Rental

We at Mala Yachts are pleased to announce that we are now offering exclusive limo rentals in Dubai at an incredible price! We have a vision to constantly improve and expand ourselves with the promise of providing our valuable customers with the best service in every way. We have kept in mind the industry standards while choosing the limos for you.

We mainly focus on providing all of our clients with extraordinary services to fulfill your demands. We deal in the rentals of new limousines, sedans and luxury transportation vehicles with highly professional and experienced drivers. We understand that every individual have different needs which is why we focus on catering to our customers’ needs on an individual level.


  • We understand that every client expects the best possible service when renting a luxury vehicle which is known for its ultra-modern and luxurious features. Our priority is to provide an excellent service to each client of ours to ensure the best of everything, specially the limousine service.
  • We offer luxurious transportation at a surprisingly great price point. Our competitive pricing standards have given us the opportunity to outshine all others in the industry. We are highly consistent with it and take into account the fact that people want full worth out of their money when they pay for something luxurious.
  • All of our vehicles as well as other services are licensed and certified in compliance with all government regulations.

Our Fleet

GMC Asanti Lumbo

24 Passengers

Cadillac Escalade XXX

20 Passengers

Hummer H2 VIP

20 Passengers

Dodge Charger VIP

10 Passengers


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