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Pier 7


In a tall building with seven levels of dining, entertainment, and retail, Pier 7 is the beating heart of Dubai Marina. Pier 7 has swiftly become one of Dubai’s most popular spots because to its enviable location and breathtaking vistas.

Dine With A View

The restaurants at Pier 7 provide a wide variety of cuisines from around the world. You can enjoy your meal while gazing at the marina, the cityscape, and the Arabian Gulf. Whatever your dining needs, Pier 7 has you covered. In other words, if you want to go out on the town, you should go to Pier 7. With a yacht charter in Dubai, you may visit Pier 7, the pinnacle of travel.

Things to Do at Pier 7 Dubai

Pier 7 Dubai is a unique and vibrant dining destination located in the heart of Dubai Marina. The building features seven floors, each with a different restaurant and lounge, offering guests a diverse range of culinary experiences and breathtaking views of the marina. Pier 7 is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike, with its trendy atmosphere and beautiful ambiance. The first floor is home to the French-inspired brasserie, Mama Zonia, while the second floor features the contemporary Japanese restaurant, Asia Asia. Moreover, whether you’re in the mood for sushi, steak, or a classic cocktail, Pier 7 Dubai has something to offer everyone. With its stunning views, creative menus, and lively atmosphere, Pier 7 is a must-visit destination for foodies and those looking for a memorable dining experience in Dubai.

Here are some of the best things to do at Pier 7.

  • Enjoy at Asia Asia Restaurant & Lounge

The exotic flavors of the historic Spice Road inform the Asian cuisine served at Asia Asia Restaurant & Lounge. Elegant and distinctive artifacts adorn the restaurant’s interior. In the same breath, the lounges’ ambiances are inspired by world-famous travel locations including Shanghai, Macau, Thailand, and Kyoto. The restaurant Asia Asia on Pier 7 in the Dubai Marina offers a spectacular view of the waterfront. At the Asia Asia restaurant on Pier 7 in Dubai, you can sample a wide variety of Pan Asian specialties along with some of the city’s best drinks. In addition to being one of the best restaurants in Dubai, Pier 7 is well-known for its excellent sushi buffet. Its sushi, sashimi, maki, and tempura shrimp are delicious.

Yacht Rental Dubai FAQs

It is located in Marina Promenade – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

The type of stores at Pier 7 may vary depending on the specific location. It is likely to have a mix of retail shops, boutiques, and specialty stores.

Pier 7 is likely to have several restaurants and cafes, offering a variety of cuisines and dining experiences.

There are seven different restaurants and lounges in Pier 7 Dubai, each occupying a different floor of the tower.

Availability of public transportation near Pier 7 will depend on the location. It is advisable to check local transportation schedules and options.

Pier 7 may host a variety of events, including cultural events, live performances, and festivals. The specifics of the events hosted at the complex can be confirmed by checking their official website or social media pages.

Yes, Pier 7 Dubai is family-friendly and offers a range of dishes that cater to all ages.

The dress code for Pier 7 Dubai is smart casual. Guests are advised to dress modestly and avoid wearing shorts, flip-flops, and beachwear.



Marina Promenade - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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