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True ultra-luxury yachts are architectural marvels. It can accommodate up to 30-40 guests and 60 crew members. Its amenities include a swimming pool and other water toys including dive gear and jet skis. Elegant and luxurious, these yachts ferry the world’s affluent and famous across the world’s oceans.

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Specifications of an Ultra-luxury Yacht

In general, yachts that are at least 80 feet in length or longer can be labeled ultra-luxury yachts. Ultra-luxury yachts can also be less than 80 feet in length. The ship must satisfy certain requirements and contain roomy cabins, a dining room, and a state room. Additionally, it fits with state-of-the-art sound and media systems. Also, a comprehensive and well-equipped galley, and other amenities of a similar nature.

In a nutshell, an ultra-luxury yacht must first and foremost be of the appropriate size. Then it fits with the appropriate amenities and interior elements.

MalaYacht Ultra-luxury Yachts Catalog

Since each ultra-luxury yacht is unique in our catalog. Therefore, there is a wide range in terms of size, features, and facilities. Mala Yachts is the proud owner of a magnificent fleet of yachts ranging in size from a yacht measuring 33 feet to 220 feet. You are able to select the ideal one for your requirements. For this, whether you are planning a small private gathering or a major celebration or event. Have a careful look at the yachts in our fleet, and choose the one that corresponds most closely to your preferences.

Our number one objective is to provide exceptional service to each and every one of our customers. We take great care to ensure that our boats are expertly maintained every time. Even so, the crews that sail them are highly trained and experienced. During a yachting vacation, we offer the greatest number of amenities and extras than any other company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor yachts come in different shapes and sizes. We have more than 30 yachts in our fleet in Dubai. Thus, you can choose from if you want to rent a yacht there. We have a range of 34 feet to 240 feet sized yachts.

  • Choose the best company that rents out boats.
  • Go to the site and look for the best yacht for you.
  • Talk to the company.
  • Check to see if the yacht is available.
  • Talk about the goal and your charter trip plans.
  • Most of the time, half of the payment is made when you book.
  • You’ll get a confirmation email or message through WhatsApp.

Yes, you can use a credit card to rent a yacht in Dubai. Although, payment is easy at Malayachts.ae;Most of the time, people use Internet Gateway. In short, we a lot of payment methods for booking.

There are many options and things to think about, such as size, location, capacity, rent price, and style. There are more than 30 charter yachts to choose from, so no matter what kind of fun you want to have, there is always a yacht that fits your needs.

You can rent a yacht or boat for a family vacation, a romantic cruise along the coast of Jumeirah with decorations and red balloons, a party, or to say Happy Birthday. Thus, exploring areas (Dubai Marina Canal, The World Islands) or remote areas (Abu Dhabi Marina Club), do it your way!

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