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Dubai Canal Project -Every thing about Dubai Canal

By Alex Smith -17 January, 2017

This is a long water canal which was announced back in the year 2013. The 3.2km canal has a 6.4km-long waterfront cutting through the emirate, beginning from Business Bay and stretching to the Safa Park, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 2, Jumeirah Road to its end in Arabian Gulf at Jumeirah Beach Park.

The project cost Dh2.7-billion and it is a project initiated by Meydan, Meraas and Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). This project forms one of the smart to add a unique and attractive tourist and commercial showpiece which offers a new style of living in the Dubai city. Its completion represents the fulfillment of one of the creative and cracking visionary ideas which define the new concepts for happiness and welfare in people. The aimed of the project was to connect the Business Bay district to the Arabian Gulf. The tourists will be able to rent the most luxurious yachts in Dubai and sail to this canal.

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The canal’s full length has five pedestrian bridges, three of these connecting either side of canal with the unique aesthetic specifications. These three bridges have a height of about 8.5 meters above water. The first one and the second one are located between the Shaikh Zayed Road and the Al Wasl Road, while the third bridge is situated in the area between the Al Wasl and the Jumeirah Roads.

The first pedestrian bridge has an extension of 120 meters in length and 6 meters in width, a metal bridge that has been suspended by the metal cables which lift the bridge floor.

The second bridge has a height of 205 meters and a width of 6.5 meters. The floor of this bridge is constructed in an S-Curve shape. It has been suspended using an oval arch that rises 50 meters and is supported using concrete pillars on both sides with hanging steel cables for lifting the bridge floor.

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The third bridge has a height of 140 meters and a width of 3.5 meters in form of a twisted steel bracket which has been built on steel columns on both sides of canal. All the bridges have been fitted with some electric elevators and escalators on the sides. The second bridge has been constructed with a concrete slope so as to serve cyclists. The design and the construction of the bridges is a show of an iconic engineering design. A good example is the canal bridge on Shaikh Zayed Road, which has been fitted with waterfall and some creative lighting for attracting tourists who will be sailing in yachts. The tourists will have a good time to take photos in such regions while aboard their yachts. Mala Yachts has also started yacht rental services for Dubai canal.

The construction of the canal was taken as a serious project as more than 4,600 workers were employed so as to take part in this construction. The scope of the project was massive, and this is why its construction was split into six contracts. From a tourist point of view, this canal with the engineering and architectural features will be a tourist hub which will raise the profile of Dubai to be a go-to tourist destination. It is expected to attract over 30 million visitors each year.

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