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Last Updated On August 29, 2023

Posted By Hisham

A day spent on the sea cruising in a luxurious yacht is a day spent well indeed. Unlike other ships, sailing on a yacht gives us the liberty to enjoy the calmness of the sea, the cool breeze and perfect sunlight with leisure. Chartering a yacht gives you can opportunity to decide your destination and make arrangements with the captain.

There are plenty of different yachts available at Mala Yachts letting you pick the one you like the most. Each yacht has its specifications and qualities. The details and rental charges are available at the website. The Yachts are among the finest yachts in Dubai offering extraordinary level of comfort and a promise of unforgettable experience.


Life at a yacht is different from anything you might have expected. From lavish bedrooms to five star meals, everything is readily available. You get to sit back and relax while enjoying the exceptionally breathtaking view of Dubai’s vast sea spread across the horizon. Each yacht is fully equipped with items of necessity and you can even hold a fulsome party on the deck at a moment’s notice. Along with this you can go fishing, scuba diving, swim in the sea or just bathe in the sunlight. There are plenty of options to pick from. Or you can chose to do nothing at all and just laze around on the deck under the splendid Dubai sun.

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The crew available for each yacht is highly trained, friendly and cooperative. They are professionally trained to cater your needs and requirements for as long as you are aboard the yacht; you can get all the assistance and guidance you need. The crew will consist of a professional captain, a chef and a stewardess depending upon the number of guests. The tour will be highly exclusive and tailored to suit all your needs. The crew members will develop a schedule for you depending on your mood and what you plan on doing. From playing to just enjoying the view, everything is made amazing for you. All you have to do is pick a yacht and leave the rest to Mala Yachts to handle.

The yachts offer ravishing bedrooms, restrooms, kitchen, toilets, front and back deck, sitting area, and dinning lounge. Not only is the yacht fitting for more than one family but also some of the yachts available at Mala Yachts are capable of entertaining 18-20 people at the same time. The kitchen is fully equipped to prepare scrumptious meal that you may crave. Special indulges like chocolates and wines are also included for your convenience.

Yacht cruise

You can pick from 6 exceptionally fine yachts. They are 85 Feet Yacht70 Feet Yacht55 Feet Yacht50 Feet Yacht, 37 Feet Sports Fishing Boat, and 33 Feet Cruiser. Different prices are charged for each yacht depending on its size but the services provided are equally outstanding. Our customers are sure to have a wonderful experience once they decide to avail our services. We are located at a stupendous location to provide a breathtaking experience of Dubai’s vast sea.

Live the dream life you always wanted – life aboard a yacht!

By Hisham

Hisham is a Dubai based professional associated with Travel and Tourism community, he has been a vetren in field of Organization Development and have traveld across the globe for both work and leasure. His passion for shareing knowledge about is travels started 4 years back during his stay in Europe when he initated a FB monologue called "Malang Ka Safar". He is a story teller with a sense of humor and would like to address the common traveler's challenges and need to know whenever he covers any of his experiances.

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